McCain—Scared of Obama—or Scared of Palin’s big mouth?

Future Leaders of this country...we are doomed

Future Leaders of this country...we are doomed

So John McCain wants to cancel the debate for tonight and postpone it until the day the VP debate is scheduled.

so the question is:

Is McCain afraid of Obama’s much better ability to speak and convince (teleprompter or not, he sounds a hell of alot better than McCain) ?


Is McCain afraid to let Palin open her big mouth and embarrass him again?

comment and tell me what you think!

  • That’s actually kind of funny. If that were the case, Obama should have taken the deal. After all, it was Biden who said Hillary was a better choice than he. It was Biden who told a crippled guy to stand up. It is Biden who keeps putting foot in mouth. Maybe Obama should have gotten his joke out of Prime Time.

    Anyhow, back to reality. If Obama is such a great speaker, and is so better than McCain, why has he dodged every attempt from McCain to have more debates? And why did McCain get more viewers for his acceptance speech than did Obama?

    Let’s face it. Obama’s campaign is a joke that is simply held together by the blind loyalty of the ignorant left. From 57 States to not knowing what language is spoken in Afghanistan, to “typical white person”, Obama is the only thing that can keep Bush from getting the “Idiot Of The Year” award.

  • good set of choices….all four of the mentioned candidates suck…this country is doomed no matter what (though mccain WILL win…i am sure of it)…

    Dont Blame me, I voted for Ron Paul.

    Thanks for commenting…..

  • That picture scares the hell out of, Matt.