Fun Fridays #1

A new tradition begins in the glory that is </ego> Fun Fridays ! I am gonna try to do this every friday and just post something fun or funny…and today I have QUITE the treat for everyone. A nice Rock n’ Roll video that everyone is SURE to enjoy!

my favorite parts:

1: Awesome guitarist, I hear he plays for Dimmu Borgir now!!!1

2: Acrylic Drums!

3: its a 14 peice band or something

5: the off camera mosh pit

6: Mounty speak and ZAP!!!


  • These guys are AWESOME! I’m going to see if we can get them to play at our church sometime.

  • It’s been a very pleasant experience viewing your site. However, there are some articles here that I found a bit troubling. But of course as we all know everyone can’t be satisfied.

    Have A Great Day!!

  • Das no RockNRoll, maan. Das Reggaaeeee… Peace, bro.

    Jesus is coooolllll, maaan, and I aint been smoking no spliff dis morning.

  • With friends like that who needs enemies .. or is that enemas!

    BTW .. congrats on the 10,000 unique visits .. it's nice to know that I'm one of many!

    Merry holidays!