Labels are important (or how I drove to work drunk this morning)

tylday1As I said earlier I was sick most of the weekend, I had an overall icky feeling, stomach aches, a good cough, and sore tonsils. The Stomach pains all but went away yesterday, but my throat has still been hurting, so I was taking Tylenol Cough and Sore Throat to help that, and it works wonderfully.

Here’s the problem; Tylenol Cough and Sore Throat DAYTIME  and Dollar General Generic Sore Throat NIGHT TIME come in the SAME BOTTLE, are the SAME COLOR (blue), and have almost exactly the SAME FLAVOR. So this morning before I went to work (a 45 minute drive)  I took two huge gulps (almost half the bottle) of the NIGHTTIME formula. Needless to say it was a long drive, combine NPR with sleep inducing medicine and you have a recipe for disaster. I was all over the road and I had to slap myself alot to stay awake. My boss realized how bad off I was so she took me off the phones and had me shadow over the new guy and let me leave at 2 when everyone got back from lunch. I was very intoxicated and if I would have had to do a sobriety test I would have promptly failed.  I didn’t find the NightTime portion on the label until I got to work BTW

So today’s lesson? Read the labels, no matter how similar things may seem, they can very well be different.

  • TheRevRuss

    Dude! Total craziness. I’m just glad to hear you made it to work without hurting yourself – or anyone else, for that matter. Hope you’re feeling better now…

  • I read a blog article the other day on the evils of cough medicine and how a sure fire recipe is to smear Vicks Vapor Rub on the soles of your feet, put on warm socks and go to bed. In two days the cough is gone apparently. My daughter is getting this next time – she coughs for weeks every winter!

    Glad you’re ok. Curious, what’s your job?

  • Rev, a recipe for disaster! Glad you made it back home ok! And, thanks for the heads-up on the similar labeling.

  • I worked at a nuclear pharmacy lab for a while and my boss came in drunk on poly-tussin. He had been chugging it all night for his cold and had actually gotten toxic from it! We had to send him home and call in emergency help…he thought it was the middle of the afternoon and it was really 4 in the morning!

    Hope you feel better!