If American’s Knew-The Israeli/Palestine conflict

It should be said that I’m not one of those folks that thinks that Hamas – the military of Palestine,  is some angelic group trying to save the poor citizens of Gaza, but I don’t for one second think that they would, without provocation, fire rockets during a truce.  That just seems inane to me, and it is. So don’t take this post as any sort of Hamas apologetic, rather it should be seen as a defense  for the people, the Palestinian citizens as well as those Israeli’s that recognize that the current approach is a bad deal. What you believe about the Palestine and Israel conflict is, most likely, a series of lies perpetuated by a Zionist leaning US Government.

The history behind this conflict is a long one and if you don’t know you should really take the time to educate yourself on it, not that I am some expert because there are so many details on this thing I don’t think I ever could be but having at least a working knowledge of the Arab/Israeli conflict is an important part of being an earth citizen due to the impact it has had on humanity for such a long time.

What a lot of people don’t know about the Palestinian nation prior to the 1948 war is that it was largely Arabic, at a 10 to 1 ratio of Arabs to Jews,  and those native individuals were deprived of their rights to the land they had been farming for hundreds of years by the Zionists that were moving in on the land and taking it through use of the Ottoman Land Code of 1858—which required land to be registered under names rather than just being passed down like it had been for centuries before. So the uprisings and fights that occurred while all of this was happening was not out of antisemitism, it was about protecting your family and land.

As time progressed and Israel was established as a nation the native people were pushed into zones like Gaza, thousands of them have been killed and the Gaza strip is continually being pushed back further and further by huge walls. The people of Gaza can’t get food, medical supplies, move in and out of Jerusalem, or any of the things you and I take for granted. Palestinians simply are not a free people and because of this movements like Hamas will always prosper. As I have said for a long time, military involvement against a people breeds reaction, fervency,  and eventually terrorism. In this case, because Israel has committed many war crimes and terrorist acts, terrorism begets terrorism. The result of this current war on Hamas will only be either a bigger and stronger Hamas or a brand new movement more violent than the last.

In the current conflict that culminated in a ground war as of Sunday on the Gaza Strip the mainstream media is claiming that Hamas broke the ceasefire, I am here to tell you that this is not true. Isreal started assassinating Hamas leaders weeks before the rocket attacks begun, the attacks were simply retaliations for a ceasefire being broken by Isreal. Don’t believe the lies

Here is a great site for a fairly detailed overview of the history of this whole thing

www.ifamericansknew.org is a great resource for finding out what is not being reported by the US or any other media outlet that we have access to.  I suggest everyone go there and see just how all this started and who the major evil really is, and perhaps if enough of us get the information we need we can force policy change through our own actions in our respective governments. Innocent people are dying on both sides of the walls, however one is the proverbial David and the other is Goliath—and David has been shit on for the past 60 years.

Remember, Zionism is Nationalism with a religious twist. Zionism is extremism and oppression. Zionism is Nazism.


Note 11/20/2012: This was written during the 2009 Palestine and Israel Conflict but the points are still relevant today. Innocent people are dying and when we look for the root cause it isn’t because Israel is attempting to protect itself from stray rockets – it’s because people who feel like they have run out of options are doing what they feel they have to do to survive in the face of the great evils of Nationalism.

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  • It’s time the world know the truth. Because of the collective guilt borne by the Holocaust, the world has viewed the Jews as victims. Israel is and never was the victim. It has become the bully of the region.

  • I have to disagree on some of your points. Look at it this way, if you were an american living near an indian reservation, and the indians decided to fire rockets from the inside of their reservation – what would you like to do about it?

    Then suppose the the government decides that the best solution is to give back a small parcel of the land surrounding the reservation, and the response is yet more rockets? Now imagine in this fictitious world, that the indians also control the entire of canada and alaska, yet they still want the rest of ohio.

    That’s basically what’s going on here. Don’t get me wrong, I’m on the fence and could easily be convinced that the creation of the state of israel may have been a mistake (particularly because the only real reason for selecting that site was out of some sense of religious entitlement) – the west’s stance on backing israel is most certainly one of the reasons we don’t get on so good with most of the arab world… but come on.

    Like the way americans treated the indians, african slaves were treated in america, africans in general were treated under apartheid… these things cannot be taken back without substantially more misery, the proper thing to do is come up with a solution to move forward amicably.

    The palestinian propaganda going around right now is crazy. “We just want to live peacefully!” they cry – bullshit, they want their land back out of regional pride. Israel gave gaza “back” to palestine in 2005 and as a result more rockets came out of that place as close-minded pride-filled fools like hamas got control. The difference in casualties is a result of difference in might, not because israelis are bloodthirsty (though they certainly are arrogant, just look at a recent OT thread on the full disclosure mailing list for an example of israeli arrogance).

    Israel haven’t expanded their borders in at least 3 years, neigh they’ve retracted them, and the problems continue because that’s not enough for the palestinians, they want *all* of israel back.

    They don’t deserve it back, because the scale of misery would be higher if it were given back. Much like the idea of giving the USA back to the native americans, it simply will not work. Now, compare the size of israel to the rest of the arab world – that is a *huge* amount of space that these people could go and start a new life instead of crying about land they lost 60 years ago. 60 years have gone by, they obviously don’t *need* the land back (because they’d have all starved to death if it were a case of need), they simply want it out of regional pride.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m 100% against any expansion of israel, and against any acts of unprovoked aggression from israel – but this particular conflict is pretty much the palestinians’ fault for electing hamas, and hamas’ fault for starting the war in the first place.

    Between the palestinian goal of annihilating the jews (even though the moderates might claim this isn’t true, they’re blowing smoke out their arse with this claim), and the jewish arrogance and persecution complex, there won’t be any peace in this region until everyone agrees to let the borders fall where they are… and in this particular instance, it’s hamas who broke that agreement.

  • Dan Mesmer

    Either the Hamas were ignorant in taking over Gaza in the first place by not expecting a blockade, or they knew there would be a blockade and took over Gaza with the intention of using the blockade for propaganda. Whichever it was, I have no respect for it whatsoever. None.

  • TMinut


    The history behind this conflict is a long one…if you don’t know you should really take the time to educate yourself on it,


    This is always the hard part, isn't it? All the "facts" conflict, whose version are we to believe? This thread interests me especially because I recently read a fiction novel called Ester's Child by Jean Sasson set in this situation. It's set as historical fiction and I don't really know what parts are true, but it certainly made me think I'd better start paying more attention.

  • Fwaggle,

    Excellent analogy.

    It IS a complex problem, but my understanding is that Hamas advocates for the destruction of Israel. That is why Israel is not in a position to negotiate with them. They are not interested in a negotiated land settlement. They want all of Israel. And everything they do is with that objective in mind, including firing rockets into Israel.

  • You are right. The Americans have no idea of what there are doing. I feel there are also responsible for the mess in the middle east.

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