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A New Atheists Approach to Easter

Today as I type this billions of Christians all over the world are celebrating the "Holy Day" known as Easter, the celebration of the supposed resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. Today, hundreds of thousands – perhaps even millions of atheists are delighting themselves in calling it Zombie Jesus Day, much like I did […]


I just wanted to let everyone know that I am now the new Atheism Examiner for Atlanta Georgia on Examiner.com.  Right now I am just using some of the most successful posts from this blog as my material, but soon I will be submitting new material to both this site and my examiner site. So. […]

Carnival of the Godless#117

The Carnival of the Godless recently released the 117th edition of their magazine and they have featured me here at RagingRev.com. Our friends over at the State of Protest blog are hosting it this month so I would like everyone to go and check out all of the entries, there are some good ones in […]

Logo Design Needed

As you all can see RagingRev.com has gone through a bit of a face lift…and now that I have most of the kinks out of it I need to get the logo design straightened out in the header…it is a little blank up there and guess what? I still don’t do any sort of photoshop […]

New Theme and Threaded Replies

WOOHOO. So, I found a site with all sorts of really nice themes and I really fell in love with this one- It is called Javazine and it was built by the folks at Kriesi. It took a while for me to tweak it to work well with the main plugins, but I think it […]

Cleaning up Entrecard

Hi folks,  I know it’s been a while, strugglin with that bloggers block again…anywho. For anyone who missed it, myself and the rest of the Entrecard Moderators are sponsoring a contest to help clean up Entrecard. Details below. If you are not a member already of EC, you should join, it is a great FREE […]

The Watchmen: A Review

So last night the wife and I went to go see The Watchmen. I had seen the previews before and I thought it looked pretty good, I didn’t realize that it was a nearly 3 hour long film, but there was a ton of hype about it. Since I am personally not familiar with the […]

Top Droppers: Perpetual dropping

Rather than doing the normal monthly Top Entrecard Droppers post, from now on my top droppers will be perpetually listed in the RSS Feed on the sidebar…just below my twitter widget. This gives the benefit of the link-love for PageRank reasons, plus it rewards these droppers every day with links and hits…I think this is […]

Entrecard Market – Buy an adspot from me!

Entrecard recently launched a new feature on the site: Entrecard Market . In the market you can use Entrecard credits to buy services, advertisements, and even real items from other Entrecard users- and sell your own products and services. I have already listed two adspots (look in the corner there at the top) on Entrecard, […]