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Updates: Twitter and RSS feeds

A quick note here. 1: RSS feeds have been transferred to Feedburner syndication…why? because I want to monetize them thru Google…thats why…so now you will see the occasional advertisement in your feeds, you will need to update your subscription on the little RSS icon up at the top corner there *points up there* 2: I […]

99 Problems (and a Glitch IS one)

May experience some major latency on my site for the rest of today, the WordPress automatic upgrade to 2.7.1 screwed something up and wont complete…im workin on it…be patient.

Fun Friday #3: Dentists trip

OK, its another Fun Friday here at RagingRev.com, and when I saw this video I lolled and lolled and lolled through the whole thing…deal is…this kid just got back from the dentist…and the drugs have him High as a kite! When I was in grade school we used to go to the free poor kids […]

Excuses, Excuses

That’s right, I am doing one of those much abhorred blog posts about WHY I haven’t made any significant blog posts lately…and, well, really there are quite a few reasons for it…so here goes. 1: Busy—really freaking crazy wild busy…i got like…7 computers in the office right now that i need to have done last […]

Entrecard Top Droppers: January 09

Just want to give a little link love and a shout out to my top droppers this month here at RagingRev.com. Here they are, and thanks all of you that drop on this website …you help make it a success. Mind Relaxing Ideas DeDeAndro Cinnamon Spice & Everything Nice Computer Aid Tech Spotlight The Mathais […]

Inspire me

Having major bloggers block, gonna try for a personal update tomorrow, but I need help thinking of a good topic for a major post…any ideas?

I have found a new timesuck: Yahoo Answers!

Last night I was doing…something, hell if I can remember, and I stumbled upon Yahoo! Answers and decided to answer a question regarding why one should or should not believe in god. Well, I gave an answer to that question and then browsed around for more interesting questions and before you know it I was […]

a quick note. Antivirus

Since I am spending my Saturday working my arse off cleaning viruses from computers that had no antivirus software I am going to officially whore my blog out to promote a product. THIS IS NOT A PAID POST. This is serious and you should do just as I say right now. Remove any virus software […]

The Honeymoon: Back to Reality

Let me first say that the intent of this blog is not politics…I care about politics, I happen to love politics, but the purpose of this blog is religious freedom and the whole Christian to Atheist mindset..and other stuff of course.Political times, however, will call for more politically minded times and thusly my posts may […]