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Updates: Coughing, Godless/Freethinking Carders,Forum, Adgitize

Hey folks, just a quicky here because I don’t have time for a full fledged post. First of all , thanks to all those that are participating in the discussion on the last entry about Atheism and Morality, please join in on it and add your own thoughts to the pot–comments from readers and constructive […]

Sorry for my absense

Hello RagingRev Devotees (at least in my head). Sorry I haven’t been around much lately, things have been extra busy…im going to make hard work at getting a substantive post tommorow sometime on some subject yet to be determined…hopefully of a religious nature… As far as Godless Carders goes, I am a little overwhelmed at […]

Twilight- I just finished them all

You can call me what you want…I would never read this sort of literature under most circumstances, but so many people told me I had to read these books I started reading them. I fell in love. As you progress through the books  your anticipation to know just how it all will end becomes pretty […]

New Entrecard Idea…Godless Carders

So as I occasionally mention on this blog, I am a very active member of Entrecard, a blog promotion website in which one can drop your own Entrecard (kind of like a business card for your blog) on other websites in hopes that they will reciprocate and read your content. In the different categories of […]

Top Droppers for December 08

real quick, and tommorow I’m gonna try for a decent post forgive me please I’ve been sick since last friday and I still feel like crap so anyways. Just want to say a quick thanks to all my top droppers for the month of december, here they are:

Sad news and a few quick notes

Real quick I want to let everyone know that one of my Fancy Rats Sneezy died last night, she seems to have had some sort of respiratory trouble but she was getting a little old and so she passed last night. 🙁 Good news though, Google updated page ranks last night and after alot of […]

Good Riddance 2008

Relatively speaking 2008 has actually been one of my better years, 2004 kicked my behind because of issues with my family..2005 was a frustrating year working for the bank and getting paid jack for it and the whole buying this wreck of a house thing, that and I was a very frustrated virgin on the […]

Still Sick (and a great home remedy)

So last night when I went to bed I felt pretty decent, I wasn’t drunk off of cough syrup anymore so that was definately a plus! When I woke up this morning though, my tonsils were swollen and on fire, I went ahead and took a shower and started getting dressed before i realized that […]