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I just got a private server/domain name


in the next few days i will still be on this one but working on transferring everything to the new server official now

Re: Bondservant of Christ-Why?

My last post has garnered alot of attention, relatively anyway…and i am finding that the method by which replies are sorted doesnt quite suit my normal methods of i am going to post all of the replies i have recieved here and answer them…because the responses i have recieved have been good responses and i am very thankful to have them.

I am going to go in order of receipt of first comment and keep any replies in the same loop—if anyone knows a better way to do this, i am very much open to suggestions. So, lets start with my friend Ron:

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Bond servant with Christ–Why?

Consistently throughout the New Testament of the Bible the writers of various epistles greet the churches with an announcement of being “Bond Servants with Christ.”(See James 1:1 II Peter 1:1, etc) Rather recently a facebook friend asked me; in reply to my status message stating, Matt Oxley is glad to live for himself…rather than trying to please g-d.” if I saw pleasing god as a set of do’s and dont’s…to which i replied with a reference to pleasing the god of the Bible as simply being a Bondservant with Christ.

His answer kind of…bothers me…..he said, “Bondservant of God..exactly what it is. What’s your point?

Well…I’m gonna answer that here…rather than expound on my status conversation…to explain just what my point is…

Let us start off by defining Bond-servant:

1. a person who serves in bondage; slave.
2. a person bound to service without wages.

Now neither of those definitions are incredibly desirous for anyone…I just don’t see anyone in reality going up to some stranger and saying “make me your slave.” Since I once was a christian, and I once did very strongly desire to be a Bond-servant..I have to look at things a little differently than a normal christian can or even differently than a typical atheist can…

To avoid the redundant “there is no proof of god or christ” argument… im just gonna simply say, no i don’t want to be a slave so something that doesn’t exist…but my real answer to this predicament is much deeper…and much more disturbing. Although the fact that we don’t know that a god exists and therefore should assume he does not…or in the very least assume he doesn’t give a crap if we believe in him is extremely valid…

My answer is this:

What alternatives does God give us? What happens to me if i choose NOT to believe or be his servant eternally?

You see, being Gods servant is not an option here…it’s something you MUST do…and therefore no emotionalized rebadging or redefining of the term bond-servant will do…If you reject the chains that God and Christ offer you…to be his servant…you go to hell…eternally…that is the problem…thats why i refuse to be his slave…i wont worship a god like that…i wouldn’t dare…i wasted too much time on that unjust, jealous, maniacle god than he deserved…that god is DEAD to me…yet this is the SAME god that called himself Love…even the very definition of Love…it is essentially gods love that renders him no more than a liar and a theif…and he wants to scare you into being his slave…

Don’t fall for it—if you have…reject it!

Debate #1



OK ok….I……well….

ok, i havent watched the dang thing yet…….but what i am reading from others was that it was pretty much a tie…at least from the democrats i am hearing this from, and the republicans are claiming victory (as usual…)

it’s on my DVR though, and I’m gonna watch it…if I can handle it…

I really think that presidential debates should be truly Lincoln Douglas style…and there should be a panel of entirely independant judges there giving points and announcing winners and losers….or even better…myself and my buddy (and Debate partner) Ronald Daniels should be judges at policy style debates between the candidates…I’d love to see McCain answer a Terrorism Blowback DA on a Resolution that we should win the “war” at all costs…what would that be? Moral Obligation?

damn…I am feeling really nostalgic right now

Team OverDrive 4 LIFE!

McCain—Scared of Obama—or Scared of Palin’s big mouth?

Future Leaders of this country...we are doomed

Future Leaders of this country...we are doomed

So John McCain wants to cancel the debate for tonight and postpone it until the day the VP debate is scheduled.

so the question is:

Is McCain afraid of Obama’s much better ability to speak and convince (teleprompter or not, he sounds a hell of alot better than McCain) ?


Is McCain afraid to let Palin open her big mouth and embarrass him again?

comment and tell me what you think!

Extimony Rebuttal

A friend of mine responded to my Extimony via Myspace mail…First will be his post, then mine follows

From: David
Date: Aug 22, 2008 12:27 PM

Thanks. You really put a lot of thought into that and I enjoyed the insight. Moreover, I applaud your objectivity, but I’m a little thrown by the way one of the biggest beefs with God you mentioned is allowing humans to doubt. IMHO, Doubt is purely an emotional state of mind influenced by logic.

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I have had a few reports of people having trouble viewing the links in the last entry…if you are having trouble please comment here or message me on the meebo client on the right side of the screen…

the link in particular was the extimony link…please test it for me if you dont mind…thanks

New Blog is OPEN!

Hi there fellow bloggers…My blog is now open at The Oxley @ Ronald

If you are new to myself and my blog, thats absolutely cool…check out my About Me page for a short intro into who I am…I also reccomend everyone read my Extimony post to familiarize yourself with my struggle out of my former faith: Christianity.

If you are familiar with me and my old Livejournal account you will know that my blogging style changes alot, sometimes I can fill a few pages, sometimes I struggle getting a good paragraph out …I plan on increasing my creative potential as much as I can to make this blog a resource for anyone going through similar things.

I also intend to either use this blog as a tech blog too, or to make a completely separate blog for that purpose…I look forward to any feedback you can provide on that.

Also, the URL is completely temporary, I am in the process of buying a nice domain, with a good name that will bring visitors from around the globe…if you have any feedback or ideas on that, I could REALLY use it…so please help with that by commenting on this post any ideas you have about a good name for both this blog and a tech blog.

Thanks for visiting, thanks for your time, and thanks for putting up with my ranting and raving….it should be fun.

new blog

an FYI to my visitors and friends…i am working on a new blog to replace this blog…might have me quiet for a bit…going for wordpress style blogging with more customization…my own URL and stuff like that…maybe generate some cash (sorely needed)

if anyone has any suggestions as to a good name for the blog and the URL please let me know

financially abysmall morning

one of my hobbies is watching the stockmarket…i’ve learned that as a pessimist it’s really quite predictable….I dont invest however…but if i had been investing in the last year or so…my life would be a touch easier….anyway…

two major banks just announced chapter 11….they are both going to be bailed out by other, somewhat larger, banks….

this causes yet another gigantic shift in the wealth of the nation….more money in the hands of fewer and fewer people….this has happened before…the last time so many major banks were failing, we were calling it black friday….THIS TIME…partly due to the success of the black friday operations by the banking elite, we dont even have to call it a depression to make the moves…how crazy is that…

check this book out: