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Re: Whats the Holiday by Vernon Smith of Bonair 12/24/07

I feel that Mr. Smith may be somewhat deluded as to what our countries tradition is regarding the winter holiday we now call “Christmas”. So here I will attempt to set the record straight-and touch a few other important points.

In regards to this country, December,25 was not recognized as a federal holiday until 1870. The fact of the matter is that the pilgrims did not celebrate Christmas either, as it was seen to them as decadent—the founding fathers even held congress on Christmas day of 1789. So I think it is quite clear that Christmas is more of an exception to the rule than a clear cut tradition.

In regards to the terminology of Xmas. Short Greek lesson: X=Chi, P=Ro. XP=ChiRo or Christ in greek(simplified of course). If you don’t know, Constantine’s army had an XP on their shields that represented Christ just as well as saying “Emmanuel lord of lords etc blah blah”. The true fact of the matter is, people aren’t offended by Christ (mass) but are offended at jumbling words together in magazines or catalogs…and by having to type that long name. That’s right, no one is trying to steal the Jesus out of Christmas, no GRANDE CONSPIRACY to subvert our culture to the wicked ways of athiesm or satanism. The church can rest now, go back to sleep.

Now, was Xmas ever really a Christian thing anyway? Heck no….Yule was a Scandinavian holiday that began on the Solstice of Dec. 21st, that was celebrated by much drinking and carrying on to thank their Gods for providing meat through the winter, and enough beer to last till spring. Saturnalia was celebrated over 1000 years in Rome before anyone ever heard of Christ, in the week before the solstice and lasted up to a month long. It was a celebration of Saturn, the God of agriculture–and it was often celebrated with much more drunkenness and revelry than even Yule. Saturnalia was a pagan celebration that turned the social structure on its head, poor people were buying the equivalent to HDTV’s that they couldn’t afford way before now. In fact, Christmas, is becoming more like its ROOTS than Christians will ever admit.

So get off your anti-holiday tossmass high-horse. Realize that holiday is appropriate because there are a lot of holidays celebrated in this 6 week spread we call the “Holiday season” and not everyone celebrates or believes in the birth of your Christ.

If you doubt any of the facts I have presented today, please feel free to Google any of the terms I have used. There are plenty of strong resources available to those willing to learn-however few you may be.

Happy Saturnalia,

Matt Oxley

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December 17, 2006

Its been a while since I took the time to write an entry—I have less and less time to actually do this lately—I miss it something terrible though. I think the main reason I haven’t done it though, is because all this Christmas bullshit going around—-I am so sick of it. I get so sick of explaining to people whom should know better why I don’t celebrate the holiday—and I am so sick of being attacked as a person because I do not celebrate it. AND WHOM are the worst ones about this? CHRISTIANS—-

So lets set it straight for all the Jerry Fallwells of the world—

1: NO ONE is attacking Christmas— People just don’t want to be badgered by a holiday that they don’t celebrate, so next time someone says “happy holidays” to you in walmart, and you get offended because they didn’t say Christmas—just shut the hell up.

2: There is no Christ in Christmas—there never was—wake the hell up folks—it’s a freaking pagan holiday with 100% purely pagan roots. What you are celebrating is a: The Phallic Tree, b: The Equinox (Saturnalia), c: The Birth of Mithra (Mithraimism), d: Natalis Solis Invicti and e: Yule . If you want Christ and Christmas to have anything to do with one another, you might just have to create a brand new holiday. SO STOP thinking that the “liberal media” is trying to secularize your holy day-it was secular from the beginning. AND DON’T give me this bullshit about how YOU celebrate the BABY JESUS—because you know good and damn well you don’t. We were never asked to celebrate the birth, only the resurrection—so get over yourself.

3: Holiday greetings are more appropriate than Christmas Greetings—why? Because there are five major holidays during the time at which these phrases are used. 1:Kwanzaa, 2: Hanukkah, 3: Christmas (Saturnalia), 4: Thanksgiving, and 5: The New Year. I don’t hear any Jews getting pissed off about seeing Christmas trees at places, in fact, This article shows just how intolerant our nation is to other celebrations. And what’s funny is that Hanukkah is not at all pagan—REAL, BELIEVABLE miracles happened during those 8 days thousands of years ago. I don’t hear any African Americans angry because they don’t get Kinaras everywhere. Nope, no one cares but the Christians—but THEY think they are being attacked! Of all people, the CHRISTIANS, or should I say the evangelical church goers whom aren’t the least bit CHRISTIAN, are being attacked and berated by evil culture and media. OY VEY!

4: Christ was NOT a capitalist (philosophically speaking)—therefore there is NO WAY in hell he would have endorsed such a holiday. On that note, I doubt there are very many churches in this world He would have much to do with now though. Seeing as how the goal of the church is now to increase membership thereby increasing the funds raised in the plates, and thusly increasing the reach and scope of investments so that they can further their message. In the end a lot of church CEO’s are getting extremely rich from a perverted version of a FREE gospel.

5: Xmas=Christmas. So next time you see Xmas, don’t be offended—X=Chi in the greek alphabet, the first letter of Christ or XP (Chi-Ro). X is just as appropriate here as Christ—it is completely inappropriate to hold pagan holidays in the name of Christ.

6:Fundamentalist nutjobs (see Jerry Fallwell, the Southern Baptist Church, and Puritans et al) haven’t always approved of Christmas, It was even Banned by the Puritans in the 1700’s. Truth is unchanging—so why the change of heart?

7: I am not evil—as all men , I was born in sin, and thusly suffer from the same affliction of carnality that everyone else does. I do not think I am better than anyone—I simply know that I have made effort, unlike the majority of the decrepit church, to learn as much as I can so that I can KNOW God. I am no Gnostic, but I have Gnosis

just have to go ahead and put this out there—my mother is mad at me because of my last few entries, which my uncle john printed off to give to her. my guess is that the comment i made about her not calling after she got what she wanted from me is what set her off, if not that i can only imagine what ic could be.

but lets go ahead and face it—the only time she called me is when she needed something from me or out of me—-that is a fact. what other conclusion should i come to?

so it seems she may not be going to the wedding–again–. Does this not prove the points i have made about her being extremely childish?? just like with the last entry when she called to make me feel bad about her not getting an invitation to the wedding shower kevin threw–when he did invite her verbally and actually sent an invitation through the mail!

she even went as far as to tell my aunt and uncle not to get us anything as far as wedding gifts/money–or at least this is what i was told, and if they did, she wasnt going to speak to them anymore, but as the wedding decoration was important, she got red table linens specially for this day, so everything will look as great as she wants.

maybe all that was exaggeration–but honestly it sounds like something she would do–and has done before.

the tunnell this came through was Kevin, who got this from Janice (coworker) whom is judy’s best friend that she tells everything to. this is beyond rediculous.

So john, since i know you read this religiously—-please shoot me an email—i would love to see this confirmed or denied—and i lost judy’s number again. its still RevOxley_501@mchsi.com

seems she is still in the mindset as well, that i want a handout—

why does the person whom has recieved nothign but handouts accuse me of wanting one? Everyone wants a handout! I am the one that keeps getting screwed over by everyone–including her–so what in the hell could she possibly accuse me of? The only thing people are giving me freely is a hard time and extra bills.

So john, faye, if what was handed down was true, i genuinely appreciate the effort–but i wouldnt want to jeopardize your relationship with Judy–

and i am still sorry, though not incorrect, that things got to the point they did.

and if anyone does want to give some handouts—



Yo, went to the Friends of the Library old book sale yesterday with Kevin and Kelly and Monica,….we had alot of fun…Kelly got 3 shopping bags full of romance novels…monica got an avon box full of assorted stuff, and KEVIN….he only got ONE BOOK….silly boy, i got 3 large bags…which equals about 2 avon boxes…or 40+- books.



  1. The Marilyn Tapes by E.J. Gorman
  2. Speechmaking and Debating by Mary L. Hughes
  3. Exit to Eden  by Anne Rice
  4. Fire of Heaven Trilogy by Bill Myers
  5. Gerbils by Arnold Dobrin
  6. The Toastmasters Treasure Chest
  7. Othello  by William Shakespeare
  8. Wormwood (advanced readers copy) by G.P. Taylor
  9. The Road to Wigan Pier by George Orwell
  10. The Day After Tommorow by Allan Folsom
  11. Oedipus the King by Sophocles
  12. Coin Collecting as a Hobby  by Burton Hobson
  13. the truth machine by James Halperin
  14. The Pentecostal Movement in the Catholic Church  by Edward D. O’Connor C.S.C
  15. The Way Things Ought to Be by Rush Limbaugh
  16. The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka
  17. Scientology: a New Slant on Life by L. Ron Hubbard
  18. Dianetics by L. Ron Hubbard
  19. How to Overthrow the Government by Arrianna Huffington
  20. Chariots of the Gods Erich Von Daniken
  21. Bhagavad Gita: as it is  by Swami Prabhapada
  22. Bhagavad Gita: Song of God by Sami Prabhapada
  23. Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
  24. The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel
  25. Millennium-Peace, Promises, and the Day they take Our Money Away by Texe Marrs
  26. Y2K-The Millenium Bug- a Balanced Christian Responce  by Shaunti C. Feldham
  27. EST by Adeleid Bry
  28. Infinite Prospectus  by Ernest Norman
  29. Tempus Interludium by Ernest Norman
  30. Ben Hur by Lew Wallace
  31. Your Erroneous Zones Dr. Wayne Dyer
  32. KRSNA:Supreme Personality of GODHEAD by Prabhupada
  33. Christians Confront Communism by Paul Creven
  34. John Wesley: Holiness of Heart and Life by Charles Yrigoyen Jr.
  35. Further Prophecies of Nostradamus by Erika Cheetham
  36. Leviathan by Thomas Hobbes
  37. The Legend of Baggar Vance by Stephen Pressfoot
  38. Psychology and Life a textbook


  1. Handels Messia
  2. Songs from an American Movie-Everclear
  3. So much for the Afterglow-Everclear


<img src=”http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v513/RevOxley501/BookSale/100_0326.jpg“>

some good ones….none of them were on my list of ones i wanted….next year im going the first day dammit



afterward we went to Nu-Way to get some weiners….and lemme tell ya…thems good weiners

From NuWay to Smiley’s Flea Market….where i got something really cool….

<img src=”http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v513/RevOxley501/BookSale/100_0315.jpg“>

Yes I found a Didjeridoo at Smiley’s…. in a booth i had been in many times, it had been there EVERY time….and there it was ,….and it finally just caught my eye….only bad thing is, its broken…so i only paid 10 bucks for it…so it is good for decoration….when it was in working condition it was worth hundreds


afterward we went bowling….i didnt win any…so poo…but there were some scene “punkish goth chicks” there…and they were with some preppy chick fighting over the musack….they played a Sum41 song…and it was pretty good…i started headbanging and they looked at me funny….so i stopped…….when the music started playing i started doing alot better at the game though….

after that we went to the liquer store…i got some  Sutter Home 1999 Cabernet Sauvignon…i needed a bottle for candles…so we got that…it was only 7 bucks for the bottle…so heh…Kevin and Kelly got me some DELISHUS Starbucks Coffee Liquer….and it was GOOOOD

<img src=”http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v513/RevOxley501/BookSale/100_0325.jpg“>

then we went to Carrabbas….we waited for like….2 hours…and i wasnt as impressed with it like Ramano’s Macaroni…..but it was pretty good….the lady that served us touched me alot….once she was patting my back and it turned into a very sensual rub for about 10 full seconds….monica gave her a funny look…

then to Walmart…where i got some DVD’s…the whole set was only about 35…

<img src=”http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v513/RevOxley501/BookSale/100_0327.jpg“>


and i fell asleep on the way home….so did monica….


had a really good time with awesome friends….now i gotta go find a corkscrew to taste this Cabernet…



ohh and today i layed around alot…watched Fight Club…and im fixin to start finishing Katies puter