Empathy for the Devil: Child Predators, Pedophiles, and Grace

Twice in the last week I’ve been private messaged about the recent Clovergender hoax by people who believed the meme to be evidence of a societal acceptance of pedophilia and child predators. This hoax, perpetrated by 4-chan, is one I find to be particularly cruel – as it uses as the subject of it’s humor the victim-hood of children, and equates homosexuality with pedophilia.  Those who messaged me were surprised to find out that it was indeed a hoax and best I could tell they were glad it wasn’t an actual thing – those who I directly interacted with on public posts? They ignored me pointing out that this was a hoax intended to stir up raw emotion and for many of us – trauma.  One of my partners and I ended up having a drunken conversation about this – which led me down a rabbit hole of sorts about societies treatment of pedophiles from the perspective of a victim, about grace for pedophiles.

If you haven’t already, I would suggest you read my account of sexual and emotional abuse at the hands of a child predator.


Two Camps


Since being a victim I have long wondered what made the pedophile tick, I’ve been trying to understand where the compulsion or disorder toward pedophilia comes from – and I don’t believe there is any one answer, but I do know that – among pedophiles there are two major groups (and lots of people who are everywhere in between these two):

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