If American’s Knew-The Israeli/Palestine conflict

It should be said that I’m not one of those folks that thinks that Hamas – the military of Palestine,  is some angelic group trying to save the poor citizens of Gaza, but I don’t for one second think that they would, without provocation, fire rockets during a truce.  That just seems inane to me, and it is. So don’t take this post as any sort of Hamas apologetic, rather it should be seen as a defense  for the people, the Palestinian citizens as well as those Israeli’s that recognize that the current approach is a bad deal. What you believe about the Palestine and Israel conflict is, most likely, a series of lies perpetuated by a Zionist leaning US Government.

The history behind this conflict is a long one and if you don’t know you should really take the time to educate yourself on it, not that I am some expert because there are so many details on this thing I don’t think I ever could be but having at least a working knowledge of the Arab/Israeli conflict is an important part of being an earth citizen due to the impact it has had on humanity for such a long time.

What a lot of people don’t know about the Palestinian nation prior to the 1948 war is that it was largely Arabic, at a 10 to 1 ratio of Arabs to Jews,  and those native individuals were deprived of their rights to the land they had been farming for hundreds of years by the Zionists that were moving in on the land and taking it through use of the Ottoman Land Code of 1858—which required land to be registered under names rather than just being passed down like it had been for centuries before. So the uprisings and fights that occurred while all of this was happening was not out of antisemitism, it was about protecting your family and land.

As time progressed and Israel was established as a nation the native people were pushed into zones like Gaza, thousands of them have been killed and the Gaza strip is continually being pushed back further and further by huge walls. The people of Gaza can’t get food, medical supplies, move in and out of Jerusalem, or any of the things you and I take for granted. Palestinians simply are not a free people and because of this movements like Hamas will always prosper. As I have said for a long time, military involvement against a people breeds reaction, fervency,  and eventually terrorism. In this case, because Israel has committed many war crimes and terrorist acts, terrorism begets terrorism. The result of this current war on Hamas will only be either a bigger and stronger Hamas or a brand new movement more violent than the last.

In the current conflict that culminated in a ground war as of Sunday on the Gaza Strip the mainstream media is claiming that Hamas broke the ceasefire, I am here to tell you that this is not true. Isreal started assassinating Hamas leaders weeks before the rocket attacks begun, the attacks were simply retaliations for a ceasefire being broken by Isreal. Don’t believe the lies

Here is a great site for a fairly detailed overview of the history of this whole thing

www.ifamericansknew.org is a great resource for finding out what is not being reported by the US or any other media outlet that we have access to.  I suggest everyone go there and see just how all this started and who the major evil really is, and perhaps if enough of us get the information we need we can force policy change through our own actions in our respective governments. Innocent people are dying on both sides of the walls, however one is the proverbial David and the other is Goliath—and David has been shit on for the past 60 years.

Remember, Zionism is Nationalism with a religious twist. Zionism is extremism and oppression. Zionism is Nazism.


Note 11/20/2012: This was written during the 2009 Palestine and Israel Conflict but the points are still relevant today. Innocent people are dying and when we look for the root cause it isn’t because Israel is attempting to protect itself from stray rockets – it’s because people who feel like they have run out of options are doing what they feel they have to do to survive in the face of the great evils of Nationalism.

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