Debate #1



OK ok….I……well….

ok, i havent watched the dang thing yet…….but what i am reading from others was that it was pretty much a tie…at least from the democrats i am hearing this from, and the republicans are claiming victory (as usual…)

it’s on my DVR though, and I’m gonna watch it…if I can handle it…

I really think that presidential debates should be truly Lincoln Douglas style…and there should be a panel of entirely independant judges there giving points and announcing winners and losers….or even better…myself and my buddy (and Debate partner) Ronald Daniels should be judges at policy style debates between the candidates…I’d love to see McCain answer a Terrorism Blowback DA on a Resolution that we should win the “war” at all costs…what would that be? Moral Obligation?

damn…I am feeling really nostalgic right now

Team OverDrive 4 LIFE!

  • Haha. Yes, as always, Republicans sticking together like pack rats.

    Haha @ Feeling nostalgic at McCains answers about winning war at all cost.

  • I happen to have two pet rats that i wouldn’t dare put in a category with republicans…watch yo self.

    and my nostalgia stems from reminiscing about my days in debate….

    but it applies to McLiverspots too

  • I’d call anything that isn’t a win for Obama a win for McCain. They are using the W 2K strat and under emphasing their candidates ability to speak, while Obama has been built up as rhetoric raptor Jesus.

    Therefore failure to win, makes McCain look stronger than he really is.