Who is this guy?

In Short:

I am a former extremely devoted fundamentalist Christian turned Atheist…The story behind how all that happened is a long one…and it is posted here….if you look through the history of this blog you will get glimpses into my life as a Christian and my struggle to leave and overcome my faith.

I am also a gadget nerd, a computer guy, a computer builder, and Tech Support guy…I own a small business in Eastman, GA where I provide computer service, repair, and custom built machines to all sorts of clientele.

If you haven’t guessed I am a man of many contradictions, this doesn’t mean I am confused or lacking in understanding…I pride myself in seeing beyond simple black and white, I like to know how and why things are the way they are…and I like to dream and hope for better things…

I am 23 32 years old, an IT Technician, Married to my high school sweetheart  divorced, with no kids…thankfully.

(This about me section didn’t age well….)