financially abysmall morning

one of my hobbies is watching the stockmarket…i’ve learned that as a pessimist it’s really quite predictable….I dont invest however…but if i had been investing in the last year or so…my life would be a touch easier….anyway…

two major banks just announced chapter 11….they are both going to be bailed out by other, somewhat larger, banks….

this causes yet another gigantic shift in the wealth of the nation….more money in the hands of fewer and fewer people….this has happened before…the last time so many major banks were failing, we were calling it black friday….THIS TIME…partly due to the success of the black friday operations by the banking elite, we dont even have to call it a depression to make the moves…how crazy is that…

check this book out:

  • Birdie

    Hi Matt, nice blogspot. I too play the stocks a little. Mostly a loser. I’m about ready to sell all and forget it. My daughter didn’t follow up and check you out. Her loss. Later, Nita

  • thanks birdie…i dont actually invest yet…i dont have the capital to do it with and i honestly dont trust the market enough…when and if i do gold, silver, copper, palladium…all the way

  • Birdie

    That’s wise ! I bought cheap stuff like CPST, and HYBR. Patients is a virtue I don’t have much of.

  • Birdie

    I have a Scottrade account that starts with $500.00. I was fortunate to have a rich friend who wanted me to start investing. That was four years ago. If I had to do it over I certainly would have done differently. Hindsite is 20/20. If you want any of my experiencial opinion, I’ll be glad to give you my .02 cents worth. For now, my best advice is to hide your money in a very safe place, and watch it grow.