Adgitize-New ad network, bigger payouts

I found a new blog advertising network, seems to be better than Project Wonderful so far—which is currently earning about 1 penny per day per ad for me…worthless (alot of people seem to screw the system to get free ads out of you). The ad nework is called ADGITIZE and if an advertiser joins the network from your blog, you get 5 bucks—thats alot in blog terms-and for every month that that advertiser has an active ad somewhere on the network—another dollar.

Adgitize your web site.

so click above, join, or become an advertiser, or do both. I will let you know how my first payout goes in a few days.

  • I look forward to your findings. I have been with Google adsense for about 2 months, and have only made $24. I don't usually get more than 20-30 hits per blog which is quite pathetic. This despite my best efforts at leaving comments in all sorts of visible places… Good thing I didn't give up my day job.

  • Matt

    hey robert, i havent made that much off of google yet…how many hits are you averaging?

    adsense doesnt make sense to me yet…i have had days with 8 clicks that made .30 cents and days with one click that made 3.46—from one click…i dont get it

  • I am averaging 50-60 hits a day. Adsense payment seems to depend on the ad themselves. I find my technical blog, soaprobe makes the most per click. Sometimes just showing the add makes a few pence (cents).

    Its a bit disheartening really, I had visions of making a living off this but its been pathetic so far.

  • This is why I blog for fun.

  • well..when IM a millionaire i will remember that