New Entrecard Idea…Godless Carders

the-atheist-eSo as I occasionally mention on this blog, I am a very active member of Entrecard, a blog promotion website in which one can drop your own Entrecard (kind of like a business card for your blog) on other websites in hopes that they will reciprocate and read your content.

In the different categories of blogs I am in the Religion and Spirituality section…since that is what I blog about the most. Currently my blog is the #1 blog in that category, which I find to be a very high honor since most of the blogs there are very high quality and Christian (or other religion)…but an Atheist’s blog has made it to the number 1 spot.

So anyway, on to my idea:

I have met quite a few Atheists on the various blogs on Entrecard, but there is no unifier for us, there are Christian Carders, Muslim Carders, Canadian Carders, Eco Carders, Gay carders, etc etc etc…So I would like to create an Atheistic carders association so that we can support and promote one anothers sites…

Thusly I am proud to announce the Godless Carders Association – A way for non-theists to promote one another proactively using the Entrecard system and show their pride in having no God to answer to.  So the purpose of this post is for people to show some support for the idea, if you are interested just leave a comment, if we get enough I will move forward with adding all the information and ideas to this website…also feel free to share your own opinions and Ideas for this.

By the way, this isn’t just for atheists…Agnostics, Skeptics, Deists…anyone that just doesn’t quite fit the mainstream just show interest…this isnt about exclusion at all.

  • So, um, where and how do we sign up for this?

    Or should I just go over to Entrecard and find out?

  • Matt

    im still working on all that, right now we are just getting a list of people that are interested…

  • You can count me in. 🙂

  • I do not believe in God, but that doesn’t mean I’m atheist because I know God and I know that God does not want to be answered to. God gifted people free will so they could have a fun, interesting time being responsible, or taking credit, for what they do.

    There is no doubt that there is no way you can displease God or make God grieve about anything you do, and so deserve eternal punishment. Sin is perfect stupidity and when a human being does something stupid they are simply punishing themselves.

    Again, I’m not atheist but I’m also not mainstream and fit in with your idea of not having a God to answer to.

  • I do fit in with the idea of not having a God to answer to.

  • Lou

    awesome idea. count me in

  • Sign me up.

  • I’m a christian and use ec. However, I find it funny that all the christian ec users won’t accept any of my cards for ads. So yes, I would say another section would be great, because the christian ec members are proving yet again that christians today are more closed minded than any non-theist.

  • I am sooooo in!

  • don’t count me in as a member, but certainly as a reader 🙂

  • You are weird.

  • hi there! thanks for your pledge. i’ll just post later the updated list of sponsors including you. thanks a lot! 🙂

  • Matt

    @ everyone:

    I am working on this now, need some help with a button of some sort to put on everyones blog that will link to the blogroll…how large would everyone be comfortable with? 125×125? or button size?

    plus…anyone have good ideas for what the button should look like?

  • Hey why not name it Freethinkers Carders Association. Being a deists I do believe in God but not religion so calling my self godless doesn’t really describe me. However freethinkers cover all none religious believes like atheism, agnostic, deism, etc..

  • While I am not an atheist, I do think that yours is a very good idea. That’s a great way to make better use of Entrecard and connect with other similarly themed blogs.

  • Fundamentalist atheist reporting for duty.

  • WhoooHooo!! Congrats on hitting #1 !!!! 🙂

  • I am so in!

  • What exactly is a “non-theist”? Because in my definition, that fits just about 9 out of 10 so-called “Christians”… I would be willing to join in if, in doing so it angers my fellow so-called Christians, and gets their attention enough to make them convert from Christianity, to being disciples and followers of Christ.

  • Sign me up.

    For logo ideas check out this collection of proposed atheist symbols at the Friendly Atheist:

    My personal favorite is number 31.

  • nancy

    I’m pleased and amused at the idea of pacifistic little me being represented by the big scarey looking guy at the top of the page. “I iz in yr city destroying yr civilization” lol atheist

    • Matt

      yes, well, sometimes that is how they see us you know, subverting their children and helping the gay mafia take over the world

  • I’d love to join this thing. Let me know what I have to do.

  • I recently came across two entrecard groups with two different ways of displaying membership.

    The first was econcarders. They add a small bookmarklet just above their card that looks like an extension of it and links back to a sign up page. Here is an example:

    The second was Entrecat which used an old fashioned blogroll on the page of it’s members. Here’s an example:

    My personal preference is for the little bookmarklet like the econcarders use. Anyway, I thought I’d share.

  • Sorry, here’s a better link to the ecocarders:

  • I'd be interested.