Sad news and a few quick notes

Real quick I want to let everyone know that one of my Fancy Rats Sneezy died last night, she seems to have had some sort of respiratory trouble but she was getting a little old and so she passed last night. 🙁

Good news though, Google updated page ranks last night and after alot of hard work my blog has gone from a 0/10 rank to a 3/10 which In my opinion is GREAT and will only get better now that I am becoming a little more established WOOT.

  • Sorry to hear about your rat.

    Congrats on the page ranking!

  • Sorry for your loss. Way to go on the page rank!

  • I am very sorry for the loss of Sneezy.

  • So sorry about your loss & congrats on that big leap on the pagerank! 🙂

  • Congrats on your PR3 and sad to know about your Sneezy

  • Sorry to hear about your “pet.”

    It seems that many blogs using Entrecard fared well in the latest Google PR update. Congratulations.

  • Sorry about your rat. 🙁

    We don’t have any of ours’ left, but they really do make fantastic pets.