Entrecard Market – Buy an adspot from me!

Entrecard recently launched a new feature on the site: Entrecard Market . In the market you can use Entrecard credits to buy services, advertisements, and even real items from other Entrecard users- and sell your own products and services.

I have already listed two adspots (look in the corner there at the top) on Entrecard, I am charging 3000 EC credits for a 1 month ad, you can purchase that here.

I am also selling links in my blogroll here for 1 week at a time for 500EC here.

Don’t know what Entrecard is? Check out their new promo video for a fairly detailed overview:

  • I would be interested in a month ad for 3000 EC, but I’ll need to save up, so just put me in the queue and let me know when we are getting close to needing it.

  • Alan

    Hey Matt. This is completely off topic for this post, but I want you to visit this website and give me your thoughts. http://www.answersingenesis.org/

    My boss has been bombarding me with this site telling me that I should check it out, particularly the section on Carbon-14 dating since I blurted that I am currently covering it in my kinetics studies in chemistry, and challenge my chemistry professor. Essentially, from what articles I have read, the site ignores scientific and empirical evidence in order to completely support the bible as ultimate truth, no matter what facts are placed before it. This is more of your field than mine. Let me know what you think.

  • Matt

    hey Alan,

    I am familiar with the Answers in Genesis website…lets talk about why this site is NOT science, as it claims to be:

    Science in order to be science, must follow the scientific method:

    Simply put it is
    # Ask a Question
    # Do Background Research
    # Construct a Hypothesis
    # Test Your Hypothesis(Experiment)
    # Analyze Your Data and Draw a Conclusion
    # Communicate Your Results

    An appropriate question that should be asked at the beginning of the would be something like:

    “How can we explain the diverse species and subclasses that live on the earth?”

    Darwin observed that species change over time, so his hypothesis would look something like this, “If species evolve over time THEN small changes should be observable within species over time that are inherited by their children”

    This is then tested over and over.

    Answers in Genesis does it like this:

    Assumption A: The Bible is true, there is no way around this, it if fact and unchangeable.

    Because of A x and y cannot be true, therefore A and B can be true.

    from there everything they “prove” is proven from that standpoint…now matter how much they have to twist it it has to get to the point that it agrees with A or the results will not be published or reviewed.

    Assumption good science do not make.

  • Charging for blogroll links? Hmmm… Your a person with a price?

    Disappointed I am, cheap your favor is sold for, weak in the force you are! 🙂

    As if anyone ever had a say in who I touted on my sites (Besides the EC widget of course)

    Just for that cheesy “sell out”, I might just put your RSS feed on my site. (Along with the text link and the 125 already there.) LOL

  • @ Guy

    I have been meaning to add you for a while, actually i have a ton of people I have been too lazy to add here lately…but i will soon. People are likely to buy a spot on my roll because it is worth PageRank due to my blog being a PR3…and growing…thats why I can sell it.

    for people who’s blogs I actually like…of course their rolls are free

  • Why would you want my link here? All that will do is draw more hate from the so-called Christians…

    As it is, I hang on to “Christian Carders” by a thread, you need to speed up that “Freethinking Carders” before they demand I take the graphic off of my site! LOL

    And as for you people cackling about AIG? There is NO SCIENCE that backs up the Bible. There is Zero evidence that substantiates ANY CLAIM made by the Bible.

    Why do so-called Christians think that “Man’s knowledge” is superior enough to validate God’s Word?????

    Can you explain it to them Matt?

    Belief in God is built on “Faith”, and Faith alone.

    Sola fide (“by faith alone”)

    Why is that so hard to understand and accept?

    And here is a question for you Matt…

    “Is there anything wrong with the belief in God being a matter of Faith alone, as long as those who believe are willing to be content with it not having, or never will have no scientific evidence?”