religulous1Bill Maher’s Religulous recently came out on DVD, I rushed to get it as soon as it came out just in case one of our freedom loving local fundies decided to buy them all out so no one would be exposed to it’s deceptions (please read into this a ton of sarcasm). I wanted to see it in theaters but I couldn’t find a theater with the balls to show it within 100 miles and for some reason the Torrent sites were empty until just recently.

The film was good, I think my favorite part was when Sen. Mark Pryor (D-Ark.) stated (in response to a question about the talking snake in Eden) “You don’t have to pass an IQ test to be in the US Senate”.  The look on Maher’s face, and the corresponding look on Pryor’s face was priceless…silence was the only necessary response. Probably the most honest thing any politician outside of Ron Paul has said in a very long time.

Another highlight for me was when Bill went to a truck stop chapel (literally a chapel inside an 18 wheeler trailer) and spoke to some of the attendees and asked questions. One of the guys just got upset and left a few minutes into the conversation because he didn’t like anyone “Disputing his god”. The rest of the truckers were respectful even when Maher wasn’t…at the end of their chat Bill allowed them to pray for him and told them “Thank you for being Christ-like and not just Christians.” I know quite a few people whom could benefit from pondering that one for a little while.

There are tons of different highlights to the film that I would like to expound on, but that would end up being a 25 paragraph blog post that probably won’t get read so I will go ahead and skip to what I consider to be my favorite part of the DVD: The Deleted scenes from Benjamin Creme and David Icke!


Benjamin Creme

Very few people know who Benjamin Creme is, I have no clue how in the hell Bill Maher found out about him or why he left this interview out of the final cut. If you aren’t familiar with who Creme is I will give you a brief rundown;  Creme is well studied in Helena Blavatsky and Alice Bailey’s  Theosophical Society (An esoteric society much like Thelema and OTO), Creme claimed in the 60’s and 70’s to have a connection with the Master of Wisdom (Esoteric societies usually believe in multiple Masters of the Earth and Spiritual worlds, most of them use different titles for them but the gist is generally the same as Esoteric societies all borrow from one another) and that the Master of Wisdom was preparing him to announce the next incarnation of the Christ aka Maitreya, turns out Creme’s Maitreya is a fellow that has only made two appearances in public where he was photographed…long story…Creme is Maitreya’s version of John The Baptist—but some of his prophecies have failed pretty majorly.

In the Deleted scenes of Religulous Maher is interviewing Creme and he asks if Maitreya could speak through him now…all of a sudden Creme goes into a “trance” and Maitreya begins to speak through him. Bill barely holds it together. Many Christians with any affinity for the occult believe that Maitreya is the Antichrist, I was one of them, and it just really surprised me to see such a barely known figure on the film.

David Icke (before the beer belly)

David Icke (before the beer belly)

David Icke is another individual many people do not know about, but some of us conspiracy nuts know the name all too well. Icke is actually a cool guy, somehow while he was researching the Illuminati (something I actively do believe in and have provided enough evidence for myself to believe) he got it in his head that an alien race aka Reptilians had sexual relations with the daughters of men, and the bloodline that they came from now includes all of the 13 Illuminati Families and the Bush’s, the Queen of England and nearly every powerful person in the world…and he thinks they shape-shift into their lizard forms behind closed doors. For real…not joking. It is an interesting interview as well and I have a couple of Icke’s books…I was just surprised to see him on the film.

Now I do have a few gripes I would like to put out there as well..

For one, Bill was kind of a dick, especially toward Muslims…even if the Qu’ran is incredibly violent, I honestly don’t think it is any worse than the Bible yet Bill really hounds on peaceful Muslims when he could have easily done the same thing with Jews or Christians…it seems that there may be a bit of a bias against Islam. I am not saying that Islam is good or peaceful in any way, but the people can be peaceful just like not all Jews are bulldozing Palestinian homes and not all Christians are blowing up abortion clinics…one of those one bad apple deals.

Also, I would have liked seeing Bill present factual and scientific evidence in some sort of reasonable debate with a creationist. When you present evidence to someone that thinks the earth is 10,000 years old OR LESS the response that they provide can be absolutely breathtaking and I think it would have fit in with his stated purpose in the film which was just showing how ridiculous religion is.

Overall though, I encourage everyone to rent or buy the DVD, it is quite good, has a nice commentary track too.

Anyone seen it? Thoughts?

  • As much as I enjoyed the movie, Maher himself said that it was meant as a comedy. Larry Charles also directed Borat and you can see the same editing style and such. That’s why I didn’t really expect an abundance of facts. If you wanna see a documentary that fails on all counts, watch Ben Stein’s trainwreck Expelled. It just sucks on so many levels. And yeah, the extra’s were awesome man.

  • I saw an (ahem!) pirated copy that didn’t have the deleted scenes. A few more nut cases would have been interesting, in a way, but they’re so repetitive that after a while it gets boring. Whatever its faults the movie would have been worthwhile just for that encounter with Mark Pryor. Just jaw-dropping.

  • Randell

    I was anxiuos to rent Religilous also, and you’ve made a good recap. I think that it is a comical approach to a very serious issue, and Maher gets the all imprtant point across well:

    –Too many religous extremists committing too many absurd violent acts based on their own warped extensions of the Golden Rule!–

    I don’t recall seeing the Creme deleted scene although I thought I watched all the extras.

  • I got my copy off of Pirate Bay but I’m going to go rent it so I can see the deleted scenes. Thanks for the review.

  • I’m looking forward to seeing this myself so I can get further insight into the other mindsets.

    You know, I keep hearing this rhetoric about how religion seems to inevitably lead to extreme violent acts. I know stupid things have been done in the name of Christianity. There are always extremists (that being the operative word) who take their viewpoints too far. But, could someone show me something other than anecdotal evidence that this is true in the majority of cases? Out of the millions of Christians worldwide, how many have actually committed these violent acts? Show me that Christianity leads the majority of it’s followers to do these acts – and I’m all ears. But just because there is a small percentage of nut jobs out there who happen to call themselves Christians and truly think they are doing God’s work doesn’t mean they are and it certainly doesn’t mean we’re all like that.

  • Matt

    @ Rev Russ:

    I don’t think anyone is saying that All Christians (Muslims Hindu whatever) or even that the Majority of Christians would ever think about committing what you and I would call heinous acts.

    Randell made the point that “Too many” are becoming extremists…but in my opinion “too many” is equal to one extremist or more…committing some insane crime, blowing up a building…or anything like that…is more than enough to justify that religion is a bad thing and leads to bad things. The fact that instructions to perform these acts can be gained from the Qu’ran or the Bible is evidence enough against them that they should not be held in any esteem whatsoever.

  • @Matt

    I'm sorry, but I have to agree with Eric. I know you're not saying all those who are religious are extremist whackos, but the "one extremist is too many" argument is, to be frank, pathetic at best. Make no mistake, I'm not saying their behaviors are justified or excusable, but that's the fault of those individuals not the religion itself. Just to say something can lead to an abuse doesn't mean it will and frankly, it doesn't make that something the problem. For example, just because people can abuse guns or alcohol doesn't make either of them inherently evil. It's how people use them that's the problem. Obviously it's not a complete parallel, but I think it's still a valid comparison.

  • “but in my opinion “too many” is equal to one extremist or more…committing some insane crime, blowing up a building…or anything like that…is more than enough to justify that religion is a bad thing and leads to bad things. The fact that instructions to perform these acts can be gained from the Qu’ran or the Bible is evidence enough against them that they should not be held in any esteem whatsoever.”

    And yet people do “bad things” in the name of “survival of the fittist” and social darwinisim…Hitler anyone? but yet athiesim and the like is all about “good” and “freeing yourself” from evil tyranical religion and its results? who are you fooling matt? the argument goes both ways

  • Looks like a good movie from your review, I’ll have to check it out some time 🙂 Thanks!

  • Hey,

    Funny that you mention the Senator’s comment about the IQ test. My brother recommended the movie to me yesterday, and that line was the only one he could quote. I’ll have to watch it now just for this line….