New Theme and Threaded Replies

WOOHOO. So, I found a site with all sorts of really nice themes and I really fell in love with this one- It is called Javazine and it was built by the folks at Kriesi. It took a while for me to tweak it to work well with the main plugins, but I think it looks great…now if I can figure out how to remove the Javazine logo from the top banner…I am awaiting a reply from the developer on how to do that…I bet its something really easy to do. If you see any bugs in it please let me know via commenting on this post.
Speaking of comments, I am currently working on getting IntenseDebate fully installed and all the old comments imported, lots of the comments may seem to have disappeared but i still have copies of all of them as far as I know.

  • It seems that the entire atheosphere uses intense debate. Welcome to the fold. I love the new theme. I think it's very stylish while remaining easy on the eyes.

  • Thanks Friar…Still gotta work out some kinks in it…sidebar won't display on the main page but it displays on all the others…don't know what in the hell thats about. And i like the darker greyish stuff…

    and IntenseDebate is the only threaded comment system i could get to work…plus i saw that almost every Atheist blog had it…can't be that bad

  • I prefer it to Disqus because of the, in my opinion, superior management interface and better wordpress integration.

    Have you tried checking to see if your front page uses a different php theme file than your posts? My wordpress theme does so that if I only update the primary file it doesn't change the frontpage.

  • holy crap…that was it, for some reason the get sidebar and get footer parts were missing from the index… YOU are the man sir….YOU are the man

  • Doin' what I can with what I got.

  • This threaded style is way easier to keep up with

  • yes, much

    FYI though, always copy and paste your comments into notepad or something before submitting..just in case…this is still a beta test.

  • I love the new look… Great job.

  • Am happy for you Rev! Good looks also attracts readers and visitors, I am with you! great job! Have a pleasant week too.