‘A’ Week – Letting the World Know

The Scarlet A - use this as your FB profile picture for A weekNext week will be the first official "A Week on Facebook" in which thousands of Atheists will be changing their profile picture to the well known Scarlet letter 'A'. The purpose for this is to show the world that we, as atheists, are here and regardless of what the world may believe about us, good without God.

I not only think this is a great opportunity to tell the world who we are and to renounce the myth that a deity is the provider of morality, it is also a wonderful time to come out of the closet and let your own friends and family know that you are an atheist if you have yet to do so. Of course I'd never encourage anyone to come out that may be hounded or threatened by their family, but if you are a person with a somewhat reasonable surrounding then perhaps you should consider taking advantage of this opportunity. If you aren't in a location or time at your life where it is safe to do so you have my sympathies – I've certainly been there as well.

I also want to encourage other minority groups to organize an event such as this one. I think something like this would be most beneficial to the GLBT community and I know that many atheists would be willing to show our support for GLBT rights and identity if it were done.

All the details of 'A' Week can be found at This Website or this Facebook Page.

I'll be participating and I've encouraged those on my Facebook Fan Page to do so as well, will you? Why or why not?

  • UnaBubba

    Let me get this straight… you're in a majority over the people whom you pity because they're superstitious, yet you feel the need to bother others to become like you?

    How is that different from being a door-to-door God Squad salesman who annoys others by trying to badgering them to become like them?

    Easier to just ignore them, surely? They're already pissing their lives up against a church wall. Why care about them?

    • Can you provide an example of bothering others to become like me?

      How am I in " a majority over the people whom you pity because they're superstitious"? This sentence does not compute.

  • I'll do better than a week…how about a month? How about until May 1st? How about I change them all today? And on more than just Facebook…I'll do it on friendfeed, twitter, cliqset, quora, soup.io, last.fm and any other site I belong to.

    Only one issue I can foresee: I have a name that begins with A, and those that have no clue that the scarlet A has any meaning will just assume it's my first initial.

    I'll still do it and promote it.

    Going to be busy for awhile…got a lot of avatars to change! 😀