Losing my Faith

  I found out yesterday that a local pastor used me in an illustration in one of his recent sermons. This was brought about because the pastor had seen a Facebook conversation or two that I had been in with a friend of mine that attends his church. When I listened to this I expected…



I’ve ran into some internet connection issues that will keep me from updating both Twitter and this post for the rest of the week if not a little longer, be back soon. I can be reached at revoxley501 at gmail dot com


Christian Neglect of the Bible

In an October 2000 Gallup Poll it was determined that, out of those polled, only 37% read the Bible on a daily or weekly basis. In my own personal experience, less than half of the professing Christians I know have ever read the entire Bible from cover to cover and don’t ever intend on doing…

A New Atheists Approach to Easter

Today as I type this billions of Christians all over the world are celebrating the "Holy Day" known as Easter, the celebration of the supposed resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. Today, hundreds of thousands – perhaps even millions of atheists are delighting themselves in calling it Zombie Jesus Day, much like I did…


‘A’ Week – Letting the World Know

Next week will be the first official "A Week on Facebook" in which thousands of Atheists will be changing their profile picture to the well known Scarlet letter 'A'. The purpose for this is to show the world that we, as atheists, are here and regardless of what the world may believe about us, good…


Live Debate with RagingRev

Saturday March, 20th 2010 at 11PM EST I will once again be a guest on ParaTrinity Radio. This episode will feature myself, an Atheist, as well as a Christian and a Wiccan and we will be discussing beliefs, god, religion, and all sorts of other things. Last time I was on the program it was…