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Thank you for your support over the years. After a hiatus of a few years I am back to writing, but have moved to substack. You can subscribe for free, or become a supporter for only $7/mo. If my work has been helpful in your life, consider becoming a supporter! Real Customer Reviews and Complaints:…


Why I care about the United Methodist Church and the Traditional Plans impact on the LGBT community

I’ve been glued to my computer watching the live stream of the United Methodist Church’s General Conference on A Way Forward which was intended to clarify and deal with the question of LGBTQ ordination, marriage, and acceptance within the worlds 3rd largest Christian denomination. Over these last 3 days, I’ve been unable to stop watching,…


On Abortion

I go into this subject with some trepidation and great fear – because I believe so strongly in women’s rights and their rights to make decisions about their own bodies I do support a woman’s right to access to abortion and I’ve even counseled close friends of mine to do so.  I do consider myself…


Fred Phelps: In Memoriam

On March 19, 2014 Fred Phelps, founder of Westboro Baptist Church – owners of domains like godhatesfags.com, godhatesamerica.com, and godkillssoldiers.com and infamous for their protests at over 54,000 funerals of soldiers, gay activists, and child victims of massacres – died. Phelps has long represented to me and many others just how dangerous unbridled religious fervor,…

Embracing Doubt

The Burdens of Doubt

Many times when discussing the path of doubt with those that have yet to experience or embrace it they come to the conclusion that it is easy, simple, or even that it was an escape from having to live with and face a life of faith. The burdens of doubt, however, cannot and should not…



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