Being wrong is good sometimes. Maybe

I can now say that I am so glad to be wrong.

My prediction was that, if Obama didnt win in a landslide electoral victory that McCain would snatch it up. MY understanding of this whole thing was that McCain was only fighting for plausible deniability.

There are alot of things about Obama that I am not in love with- I just don’t trust politicians, but maybe, just maybe his goals and aspirations are true. Maybe his CFR connection won’t be his first priority. Maybe the troops will come home. Maybe we can be diplomatic again with other nations. Maybe we won’t be drafted to invade the Just and Good people of Iran. Maybe the Patriot Act will be repealed.

Maybe Americans, especially those in my more direct vicinity will begin looking past skin tone and religion and just begin to love other people. Maybe we can see each other as people again. Maybe I will never have to hear the N word again.

Good Luck. Bush will leave you with a mess that rivals anything history has ever seen…and he has 3 more months to make it even worse.

So, heres to Hope, Change, Freedom, and Progress!

  • Excellent reflection.

  • Yes, congratulations to Senator Obama!

    He has a tough job ahead of him but he seems committed after watching his speech just now. Bush has pledged to consult with him on long term matters; this will be interesting.

  • If we are not out of Iraq by March, and the Patriot Act still stands then his goose is cooked.

    I’m glad I was wrong. Less people voted this time around, conservative values are still alive and well – they just didn’t vote. If you also look at trends, so many people only voted for President and not actual law makers.

    lawl, ignorance.

  • Matt

    @ Ron, i do wish that we could have had a balanced Senate and House…right now Obama has alot of power that I am really not comfortable with….I doubt he will get the troops out that fast—if he did, wow…i would build a shrine to him.

    i doubt he will go against the patriot act as well..but i can hope

  • Excellent points.

    He will be watched very closely as he traverses the ruins.

  • Eli

    It’s always good to hold onto hope, but it’s important to remember the reality too. THE CFR connections are something not easily ignored.

  • Matt

    NO they definitely are not Eli…I am gonna hold Obama to the same flame I hold Bush, Cheney,and McCain–but i also think that Obama has had less time to be corrupted, perhaps there is a bit of hope for him yet.

    most of my feelings here are because I am incredibly proud to see MLK’s vision come true—racism has always been a huge issue in my life, something i have had to fight my entire life–its one of the many passions in my life–im just proud of that

    but no, my expectations are not very high-but i have just the tiniest bit of optimism right now.

  • Findleskins

    I decided to skim the comments and found no one has anything interesting to say(you’re an idiot btw Matt). But anyway, why would the Patriot Act be repealed by him? Obama voted for it, as well flip flopping on a surveillance bill, and a torture bill. Also Obama’s foreign policy isn’t much different than McCain’s, he wants to hold open talks with nations like Iran, yet denounces Jimmy Carter when he visited Hamas. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama changed his stance on net neutrality as well. Enjoy your false hope Obamafags, the fall of an Empire is near.

    IM not sure who wrote this, obviously a coward that doesnt want to reveal his or her identity. Obama probably wont do any of the things i want him to do–my only joys are as follows 1: bush will be out and 2: a black man is now president—that’s it…i dont trust him in the least, i dont care for the majority of his policies…at all. Regarding the Patriot Act-yes he voted for it, moments after making a speech AGAINST it…yes thats a flip-flop indeed but an interesting insight to me.

    we must have talks with Iran and other “rogue” nations if we ever want to be respected again as a nation–will we, probably not. Yes…this nation will very likely fall in the very near future…

    next time you decide to comment here, understand my stances more—and dont refer to me as an idiot for any reason, because i can surely find some dirt on your lack of intelligence quite easily

  • I really like your blog and appreciate what you’re doing here.

  • Wow, we sure do have different political beliefs!!

  • Matt

    Hey frigga—

    as far as politics goes—I am all over the board…I am still a member of the Socialist Party USA—I believe in socialism (communism to be more precise–socialism is too girly) and think it is an improvement over what we have now—I am all for welfare and for helping out the poor—but I am avidly against government waste—in that way I am a conservative Ron Paul Republican— politics is EVERYWHERE.

  • Hmmm… interesting. I am the exact opposite of Socialism/Communism. I am out in Libertarian Land, where we honor Personal Responsibility and want the Government to get OUT of our lives.

    How can you be against government waste but for Communism? People aren't perfect. You put the Government in charge like that, the Government would be even more massive then they are now (more imperfect people involved). The bigger the government the more waste you get. Those two just completely contradict each other.

    Oh well, I know this isn't a political blog…