Being wrong is good sometimes. Maybe

I can now say that I am so glad to be wrong.

My prediction was that, if Obama didnt win in a landslide electoral victory that McCain would snatch it up. MY understanding of this whole thing was that McCain was only fighting for plausible deniability.

There are alot of things about Obama that I am not in love with- I just don’t trust politicians, but maybe, just maybe his goals and aspirations are true. Maybe his CFR connection won’t be his first priority. Maybe the troops will come home. Maybe we can be diplomatic again with other nations. Maybe we won’t be drafted to invade the Just and Good people of Iran. Maybe the Patriot Act will be repealed.

Maybe Americans, especially those in my more direct vicinity will begin looking past skin tone and religion and just begin to love other people. Maybe we can see each other as people again. Maybe I will never have to hear the N word again.

Good Luck. Bush will leave you with a mess that rivals anything history has ever seen…and he has 3 more months to make it even worse.

So, heres to Hope, Change, Freedom, and Progress!