New Things at the site, Top Droppers, and Alexa

First things first, Im gonna start doing Top Droppers every month, this is just a way to say thank you and to generate more hits and visitors to the sites that take the time to drop on my site. If you are unfamiliar with Entrecard, If you are unfamiliar with Entrecard it is a free link exchange website for bloggers, you earn credits by dropping your card on other members sites that you then use to buy advertisements on other members sites. I have been dropping 300 cards daily, which is the max. Its a good resource, most of my hits are currently comeing from entrecard, and despite some conversation about how the hits have a high bounce rate, most of my regular commenters come from t\here, i have met quite a few friends on it.

so here they are,  top 10 droppers for October:

Mind Relaxing Ideas

From the Eyes of my Heart


Money Ning

SEO Tuneup

Let Us Talk

Where the Long Tail Ends

News Vids

My Notes


More changes after the break

I made a few recent changes here at…I installed Aksimet so i dont have to deal with spamming all the Cialis and Viagra ads…if any of you fellas need help though, I have tons of Canadian Pharmacies that would be glad to fill your order.

Also, just made comments NoFollowFree—I won’t reveal how many comments you have to add before you start to get the nofollow privilege, but it should encourage more comments—spam will still be deleted.

Also, i have been checking my Alexa rank recently…a few days ago my Alexa Rank hit roughly 56,000…which is really good for a new site. Currently my average is 247K (lower is better in Alexa)…and dropping daily.

check out the stats here:

Still having some considerable bloggers block, been a bit overwhelmed by the political atmosphere also lately, gonna try to do a significant post in the next couple of days. still open for suggestions here.

  • Thanks for the mention and the link.

  • You are rocking the Alexa, aren’t you!! I had a good streak, but this past week was awful for me. I gotta get something controversial going. What do you suggest? 🙂 lol.
    Congrats on your blog success!

    Tony Cathey

  • Oh! I’m one of you top droppers. Thanks for the link.

    I’ll try to regularly check your site.

  • Hello. Your post ngs at the site, Top Droppers, and Alexa | RagingRev is very interesting for me. My written English is not so good so I write in German: “Lieber den Spatz in der Hand, als die Taube auf dem Dach.” Yours sincerely Thursday Alexa