hello folks—im gonna have a small contest here…the reward is 1 free 1 month long advertisement on my blog in the sidebar—125×125 right below my entrecard…PLUS—1000 EC credits if you are a member.

how to win:

I need banners…ad banners to promote this website with…125×125/234×60/468×60/128×90 and 160×600

I need one of each of enter the contest you must do at least 2 of these.

now, i would go all artsy fartsy myself—but I have to be the absolute worst photoshop person ever…i dont know it, i dont have the patience for it, and I frankly just can keep up with all those darn buttons…so help me out.

What IM looking for:

I want the name of the website on all of them… is fine….other than that no lettering is neccessary but if it fits well feel free to use it…

I want it to convey the idea of leaving faith or questioning faith…my entrecard now (in the corner here) is a Cross with a cool question mark on it…it was created for me by Ferox and i love it…so that theme works really well..but i dont want anyone taking away from what she did on this so dont take from it please.  Be creative…use your 1337 skills…if i am super duper impressed i will try to do even more to compensate the winner

colors: red, black, white,  darker tones—i like them…so consider that

GIF: IM ok with GIFs—but if thats alot of trouble i certainly dont expect anyone to go all out for that…

am I forgetting anything? i dunno.

feedback wanted:

do these prizes suffice? if not, what would?

to enter:

Email the entry to revoxley501 at the entries will be collected, full links will be given for the contributor, and an informal vote will occur—of course if i like something better than the votes i may choose to over ride that. JPEG or GIF please.

  • Oooh, this sounds like fun! How long is the contest open for? I can make 1 pretty quickly, but to come up wtih 2 might be more time consuming…

    Oh, and I already offer free 125×125 for anyone who asks me, so I’m kind of excited about this challenge 🙂

  • Matt

    gosh frigga…didnt think about all that…how long do you think?

    and they dont all have to be different banners..variations of the same thing are just fine—or something that can be resized easily for banners and skyscrapers…

    i dont want anyone breaking their back for this—i just…man i suck at photo editing…

    how long do you need? and are the rewards worth the time?

  • Hi there try pasting this its 125×125


  • Sorry slipped up got a html for you please advise



  • Well I did one of them. But then time got away from me, and I’m not sure I have a good idea for a different one. Let me email you the one I did and see how you like it.