hello folks—im gonna have a small contest here…the reward is 1 free 1 month long advertisement on my blog in the sidebar—125×125 right below my entrecard…PLUS—1000 EC credits if you are a member.

how to win:

I need banners…ad banners to promote this website with…125×125/234×60/468×60/128×90 and 160×600

I need one of each of enter the contest you must do at least 2 of these.

now, i would go all artsy fartsy myself—but I have to be the absolute worst photoshop person ever…i dont know it, i dont have the patience for it, and I frankly just can keep up with all those darn buttons…so help me out.

What IM looking for:

I want the name of the website on all of them… is fine….other than that no lettering is neccessary but if it fits well feel free to use it…

I want it to convey the idea of leaving faith or questioning faith…my entrecard now (in the corner here) is a Cross with a cool question mark on it…it was created for me by Ferox and i love it…so that theme works really well..but i dont want anyone taking away from what she did on this so dont take from it please.  Be creative…use your 1337 skills…if i am super duper impressed i will try to do even more to compensate the winner

colors: red, black, white,  darker tones—i like them…so consider that

GIF: IM ok with GIFs—but if thats alot of trouble i certainly dont expect anyone to go all out for that…

am I forgetting anything? i dunno.

feedback wanted:

do these prizes suffice? if not, what would?

to enter:

Email the entry to revoxley501 at the entries will be collected, full links will be given for the contributor, and an informal vote will occur—of course if i like something better than the votes i may choose to over ride that. JPEG or GIF please.