Luck Be a Lady Tonight!

RevOxley is NOT a lucky guy—never has been—until all of a sudden—i got lucky 3 times in a row.

1: Lotto ticket saturday won me 20 bucks.

2:I won the gigantic bloggaversary contest at the SimplyWP blog.  I actually won the first prize, which is awesome, details after the break!


3:I won the contest at TechByPC and got 785 Credits (this contest is weekly, so go read up on how to join now). I dont see a graphic to use or I would post it too…thanks to TechByPC for that!

4: Adgitize gave me a free months advertisement for participating in one of their contests. Woot!

normally..i never win anything—maybe I should keep playing the lotto and entering contests eh?

These are the prizes I won from SimplyWP

Prize #1: ( $15, 15000 EC Credits, ad spots )
$10 from BlipBit
$5 from My Life’s Adventure
5000 EC Credits from Wiehanne Lounge
5000 EC Credits from Wiehanne Contest
1000 EC Credits from Random Detoxification
1000 EC Credits from Michael Aulia’s Tech Blog
1000 EC Credits from dramas of my life
1000 EC Credits from Momiespace
1000 EC Credits from LupuSurvivor
125×125 ad spot for 2 months at Pastel Corner
125×125 ad spot for 1 month at Call Center Gal
125×125 ad spot for 1 month at 24×7 Online Diva
125×125 ad spot for 1 month at Love Is A Precious Gift
125×125 ad spot for 1 month at A Message From My Heart
125×125 ad spot for 1 month at The Journey
125×125 ad spot for 1 month at Only in Silence
125×125 ad spot for 1 month at Hit-or-Miss

thanks again for the contest!

  • lol.. Lady luck is with you. Congrats for all the winning~!

  • I have always said that you atheists are very lucky, haven’t I? 😉

  • Congratulations on winning the contest!

    BTW I won the 2nd Prize. I am nihar from

  • Matt

    @ Simply: Thanks again for having the contest

    @ Robert: I didnt know you did—but in my experience, luck rarely greets me

    @Nihar–awesome dude,, congrats

  • Matt, perhaps my attempt at humour was too obscure. If atheists were unlucky then they wouldn’t exist.

  • jen

    Congrats! That’s freaking awesome!

  • Woah, that’s a lot of winning – congratulations!!! 🙂

  • Credits transferred 😉 Congratulations