Wrap up for this week plus how did Adgitize do so far?

I wanted to do a quick recap of the week today, since I am trying to update daily now I don’t want my potential readers to miss out on something that they may enjoy, so first I am going to recap this week, and then I am gonna tell you just how well Adgitize has done since I started using their service.

I started the week off with a Contest. So far only 1 person has entered the contest and I really need some more folks to get involved—remember the contest is for you photoshop or GIMP pro’s…i need advertisement banners to help advertise my blog with—there are 1000 EC credits up for grabs plus a free ad spot on my blog for a month—if anyone wants to sponser additional prizes contact me or comment below.

The next post of the week was an open invite to a debate between myself and any Christian that was willing to do so…and not long after I posted that Rev. Russ Troester sent an email to me taking me up on the author. Rev. Russ is a fairly new Luthran (Missouri Synod) Minister and Pastor, he is a guy I have a lot of respect for because despite our dissagreements on the very existence of God, he has taken alot of time to just chat with me, answer questions-ask questions, and overall just be nice to me. Folks like Russ are a rare breed, or at least that is what I am finding according to the next post I made; The Devils Scam. Russ has chosen the topic of our debate to be something along the lines of a resolution that Atheism requires faith just like Christianity or Theism does- So look forward to seeing the initial arguments of this debate during the middle of the week or so.

The last two posts of the week were about my anticipation for the Between the Buried and Me/He is Legend concert at the Macon Venue Project on Friday night; the first of which is located here. Yesterday I went on a rant about hardcore dancers and reviewed the BTBAM/He Is Legend show that i went to, it can be found here.

If you havent read these posts yet, please do—and don’t forget to comment.

Now–a few days ago I posted about a new ad network called Adgitize. I am one of those skeptical types about making money on line, so my expectations were incredibly low, especially for such a new network…but after getting my first revenue report, and being a few days into this new month and seeing how much I have made already—i have to say, it is by far the most productive network I have yet to touch. Google adwords makes pennies a day if you are lucky—adgitize is blowing that out of the water. For the month of December I am currently the leading advertiser, at the end of the month I will let you know how much i will have made—so far, its looking good.

IF you want to advertise your blog, I highly reccomend Adgitize, I am getting alot of clicks daily from the ads and the initial investment was only 14$ to run my ad on the network, an amount I have already made back and then some. The more people we get to join and advertise and display ads the better we all do.

How does it work?

1: Anyone with a blog or website can join—all you have to do to start earning money is to put the HTML for the ads on your blog—you can chose to show 1 ad or 5 or even more if you want—i went with 6 so that I could get more points for each page view.

2: It works on a points system-every time someone views a page on your site you get points, you also get points for unique visitors, points for visiting other advertisers, and points for every ad you display…

3: This is where the good stuff starts—you get 100 points for every day in which you do at least 1 blog post…so it motivates you to blog frequently and rewards you for it. You also get 100 points per dayfor buying a 14 dollar/month ad on the network—so advertisers start getting rebates IMMEDIATELY.

4: Refferals:  If you refer an advertiser to the website and they actually purchase an ad you immediately get 5$…for every month in which they keep an advertisement running you get 1$—so if people join through you-you get paid.

Sound good? yes it does, i know it does so don’t lie about it.

Adgitize your web site.

so if you click right here on this advertisement above–join up, start making money—and pay the 14 bucks for the ad—seriously, it has been entirely worth it for me, and if you blog daily or even once a week you can make a large part of your money back, if you dont pull a profit…it’s as good as free advertisements