BTBAM and He Is Legend

Going to see Between The Buried and Me and He Is Legend tonight at the Macon Venue Project! I haven’t been to a good metal show in ages…very exited.

If anyone is in the Macon, GA area, the Macon Venue Project is doing shows almost every weekend, and they are pulling some pretty big names as far as bands go.

Between the Buried and Me (BTBAM) is a metalcore style band—they are kind of new on me, but so far I have been enjoying them.
He Is Legend is another Metalcore band—really love these guys, their last couple albums have been pretty freaking awesome

Advent is a Christian Metal band—i have one of their albums and I have to say, much better than cheesy as hell Demon Hunter –we will see how well they play tonight—i hope they aren’t preachy.

Nightbear –never heard of these guys, but I will let you know what i think.

I will come back after the show and put links up to all their pages, you can go to the Macon Venue Project’s myspace page if you click on the big picture of the flyer though–so check it out, they have a schedule up of all the upcoming shows on the site.

Also, I am taking my camera—does anyone know of a good wordpress plugin that allows me to upload photos just like i do on photobucket? and that works well with integrating photo’s into posts? if so, let me know.

I gotta go let my hair down–concerts like this is why i grew it out to the middle of my back.