The Devils Scam

A short one here…first of all, we have our debate and our topic picked out, look for that real soon…this one should be fun for both sides.

Now…i have been frequenting a forum called “Christian Doctrine Discussion” for about 3 weeks now…its a tiny forum and I started going there because a friend said they were open minded—boy was I wrong. I just got banned last night, no warning given…nor a reason..and the last message addressed to me is by Rick, the administrator saying:

And preferably not to RevOxley_501 who wants to convert you into believing the devils scam.

The context was that a Christian was struggling and being encouraged to find someone to talk to…i told him that I certainly understood the doubts he was enduring as well as anyone there…that post has been deleted.

Thought i would share that with you, since I was nothing but kind at that place and tried to understand everyone’s point of view…Christian love is once again invisible and unseen.

Think I was probably rude?  here are all my posts—I may have shown some confusion as some really hard to understand English, but I think I was more than respectful. What do you think?

Well anyway, Rick was supposed to be compiling evidence for me that the Bible was trustworthy as a source…he said the Holy Spirit told him he could—i guess the Holy Spirit changed his mind?

So , for the christians—here is a tip, if an ex-Christian comes up to your forum one day…talk to him, he might be a nice guy…im over my bitter stage I think…maybe you can learn from him, and him from you…give us a chance, and at least pretend to love us.