Today: An Inauguration

obama-hopeAt Noon today something will occur that I never thought I might see in my lifetime. A dream deferred will become a present reality. We may not be at the mountaintop, but finally now it will be something we can actually see.

Where I grew up, in Middle Georgia, nigger is a word I hear every single day of my life. It is a word that makes me cringe to hear or type. For some reason  white people in the south do not realize the pain and exclusion that such a word can hold for a group of people. Today I feel like finally, even though it won’t silence those people,  those people are a minority in this world and the kind of ignorance and hatred they represent is dying out with them. Maybe it’s the fact that I grew up here that suprises me so much about Barack Obama winning the Presidency, living here makes it seem like having an equality mindset is a rarity, but I never thought I would actually see this…it gives me great hope that there are more people like myself and my wife whom hate all the racism and ignorance that we have grown acustomed to in the society we have had to grow up in. Both my wife and I have always been ones to stand up against this inane attitude, but more often than not it is like talking to a brick wall about how we are all essentially the same inside…this is our chance to feel like we are no longer the underdogs in a fight like this…like maybe the things we have always believed in us are simply being proven now to the rest of society.

I don’t agree with Obama on a lot of things…I think a chipmunk could do better than Bush, so Obama can’t really dissapoint me there. I don’t even know that Obama represents Change to me, but I do think he represents Progress for society, no matter what mistakes he makes as the President. Obama may be our great uniter, the person that brings this nation together to improve it to the point of being a truly free society. Perhaps equality will occur in the next four years, perhaps things will stay the same. Perhaps President Obama will live up to all the hype about him, get the troops out of the two unjust wars we are in, fix the economy with hyper-inflation (against all odds mind you), and level the playing field for the underprivileged.

I don’t know what Barack Obama will mean for this country after today…but for today at the very least he does represent Hope, Equality, Progress, and the realization of a dream. For today I am proud. For today I have tears of joy instead of tears of pain for my country.

Do us right Mr. President.

  • Hi, Good post. I also hate racism and the "N" word. My ex. used it all the time. I tried to raise my son with that word eliminated from his vocabulary. For the most part I have succeeded. I never remember being excited about an inauguration before. When u think of all the things this "first" represents, it is truly a great event.


    • Matt

      @ cindy: Thanks very much for your comment, and good on you for raising your kids with such integrity.

      @ Shari: Thank you for your comment very much…not sure what the last sentence means there….oh wait…are you from the ATL for Ron Paul mailing list??? your name sounds familiar?

      @ Tristan: scratch thousands…it was nearly 2million people…but it is troubling…Barack has a very Rock Star status among a lot of people…I am a skeptic as usual and I really dont think that HE as a person represents a whole lot of change for this country

  • I truly appreciate your post. I know exactly where you are coming from, having been exposed to the verbal hatred. Granted, I was ever a subject of the hatred… but never-the-less, closely exposed.

    My mother instilled in me there were two words NEVER to be uttered… the “N” word, and “HATE”. I was taught that “hate” is the greatest curse of all.

    To this day, those words are not part of my vocabulary.

    Now it’s time to make a new e-mail list, one which can’t be denied as “spam”. That’s the list of our elected officials (Local, State and Federal) here in ultra-conservative Utah.

  • Tristan

    Being from the UK, I found it very strange and worrying as I saw the thousands of people flocking to see him today.

    It looked more like the second coming of Jesus than an employee turning up for his first days work.

  • Matt – I'm very sorry if I implied that ALL Obama voters voted for his race. That clearly is untrue. However, I will say that it seems to me that a large enough portion to have effected the outcome, voted based on color. That fact scares me when I then think about how Obama went to a church for 20 years that has a "Black Values System." It shows me that race has become more important than it should be. That is what I find disgraceful and just plain disgusting.

  • I think it’s sad and shows how racist our society has become. Here’s a man with no real or just qualifications to become president, and he gets elected because of the color of his skin. The media refuses to ask him any real questions. We know nothing about his childhood, his schooling or any accomplishments he’s had during his life.

    We know he’s black and that seems to have been enough, no further probing necessary. But dude, he’s ALSO WHITE! Why is he ashamed of that? Is being white something to be ashamed of? Racism is not a white man’s disease.

    I have no problem with having a black president. I just wanted it to be one I can be proud of. Not a nobody. I wanted it to be someone I can point to and say – look at what he’s done, look at his accomplishments. This is a smart man who will lead us well. Look how he handled these past situations throughout his life, he has the experience and I will be proud that we elected this man as our first black president.

    Instead, we elected any man becuase the media told us he’s black. That’s wrong and that’s racist.

  • Oh, and not that you mentioned her, but if Hilary had won and we were swearing her in today, I would have complained about her being our first woman president, for similiar reasons. I want our first female president to be someone I can be proud of, not just someone who has the right anatomy.

  • Matt

    @ frigga:

    I can understand both sides of this..really, I didn’t support Obama for who he was …i supported him for who he was not—that is McCain…I do not think he is overtly qualified over anyone else, some of his policies are better than the alternatives and I don’t see him as any less qualified than the last few presidents we have seen…it is sad thought that his race was used as a catalyst to bring votes rather than the issues, but not everyone voted for him because of that, some of us care about the issues and understand them….and i like to think that I did that and always will…i still feel that i chose the lesser of two evils, and that saddens me greatly

  • Obama got elected mainly because McCain was in the same party as Bush who most people hold responsible for our wars and imploding economy. But also, Obama knows how to orate, to speak eloquently in public, better than anyone I have ever seen and heard. And how someone speaks says a lot about who they really are.

    I was inspired by what he said today, and proud to have a leader calling to us all to go forward on the values of love and unity. And he called us for that because we demanded that he ask America to be based on love and virtue.

    Obama is going to be a great president because we the people of America are becoming great people. Obama is our servant. He will do what we ask him to do, if we are sincere in asking, by ourselves being the change we want to see.

  • Matt, What I was implying is that we have been handed an awesome responsibility… we are now mandated to hold our elected officials accountable. They are to be accountable to US the folks that put them in office.

    No, I’m not from the Ron Paul group.

    I happen to live in an area surrounded by very conservative (Republican) LDS who put their church above politics, and themselves (doing good works to earn salvation) above holding others accountable.

    On the other hand, while I hold pretty conservative views, I believe in holding those whom I elect as my representatives accountable, and the service work I do, I do so from my heart. As for salvation, I know my Savior, and he knows me… but that’s for a different time.

  • Your post just made me care more about my country and looking forward in hope that the Lord has still something good plan for it.
    I just dont know how people develop such proudeness in their heart that people look at other people as nothing just because of the color of their skin.
    But I do know the joy you have in your heart when you say fulfillment of a dream.
    Your post inspires me. God bless!