The Honeymoon: Back to Reality

Let me first say that the intent of this blog is not politics…I care about politics, I happen to love politics, but the purpose of this blog is religious freedom and the whole Christian to Atheist mindset..and other stuff of course.Political times, however, will call for more politically minded times and thusly my posts may take the occassional political twist, so I am sorry if that bugs any of my regular readers, I still value your time and will be back to the normal routine shortly.

Yesterday I got all sappy about Barack Obama’s inauguration ceremony. Yesterday history was made and I am eternally greatful to have been alive to see this day. There is a time though when you have to get down to business, and that day is today. Today, we must talk policies and we MUST see Change.

The Honeymoon starts today. President Obama has made a lot of promises, he has used a lot of strong language, and given profound amounts of hope to millions…Today though, we must look past the googly eyed awe and wonder so many of us have right now and hold this new President up to the highest of standards.

In the spirit of my buddy Ronald Daniels last blog post, there are a few things I expect from President Obama, and I expect those things to be done within four weeks from today (I am more generous than Ron). If those things are not done, and according to which things are not done I will give him the same stiff opposition that I have given George Bush for the majority of his two terms.

The short list is here:

  1. President Obama should immediately repeal the Patriot Act and Patriot Act part II (the renewed version, goes by the same name), as the Patriot Act gives the Federal Government powers that it should not have, the many problems I have with it we don’t have time nor space for here…but I do thinkĀ  Obama knows the inherent problems with it because he spoke against it moments before he voted to reinstate it in 2006 (if I remember correctly). I expect him to follow a correct conscious and protect the Constitution of this country as he has recently sworn to do.
  2. Call for a full investigation of President Bush and Vice-President Cheney (Titles neither of them deserve) and any possible abuse of Executive powers that may have occurred in the last 8 years. Included in this should Constitution, honeymoon, requirements, expectations, hope, change, reality, real world, impeachment, 911, Patriot act, be an investigation of every staff member, cabinet member, and the ENTIRE Justice Department for any sort of corruption that may have occurred. Following this, Impeachments should be brought before Congress and Bush and Cheney should be tried to the fullest extent of the law.
  3. Sift through every single Executive Line-Item piece of legislation and notes to determine the constitutionality of every single one…no matter how long it takes, and repeal those that are found to be unconstitutional. If any are found, impeach President Bush and hold him accountable.
  4. Reinvestigate 9/11. It’s a long shot, but it should be done
  5. Educate Himself on the problems behind Fiat currency and the reasons why the economy is in the toilet right now…Find real economists that know the ROOTS of the problems we are having (1914) and bring about the necessary changes to fix the economy permanently

I will think of more, and I am sure Ron can addendize my own….

Do these things, President Obama, do them quickly and the honeymoon can continue…neglect them and I will call for your own impeachment for not fulfilling the oath of office you took yesterday.

Good luck in doing so…

Comment below:

What would you ask President Obama to do first? What does he need to do to earn your trust?