a quick note. Antivirus

Since I am spending my Saturday working my arse off cleaning viruses from computers that had no antivirus software I am going to officially whore my blog out to promote a product. THIS IS NOT A PAID POST. This is serious and you should do just as I say right now.

Remove any virus software you have unless it’s AVG, COMODO, or AVAST.

Go download Avast Antivirus Home Free edition from http://avast.com. Install it and register it…its free guys…and its good…it catches most everything and its cheaper than Norton’s bulky pile of crap.

then…just to be safe

go to http://malwarebytes.org and download MalwareBytes…do a full scan on your computer…i bet you 10 bucks you got something on there…and remove that stuff…THATS THE STUFF YOUR OLD ANTIVIRUS MISSED

NEXT: go to http://firefox.com and download firefox and never look at IE7 or 6 again…ever for any reason…they still have a huge security hole in them that you have to deal with which is where MOST of todays major viruses like Vondurante come from…do it

yea im a little miffed…but go do this

sorry for the brevity of this post…and the bad grammar