I have found a new timesuck: Yahoo Answers!

Last night I was doing…something, hell if I can remember, and I stumbled upon Yahoo! Answers and decided to answer a question regarding why one should or should not believe in god. Well, I gave an answer to that question and then browsed around for more interesting questions and before you know it I was addicted.

Since my account is still at level one I am limited to 20 answers per day but I find myself checking for new questions to answer and it drives me crazy. Go sign up it really is a lot of fun

Here is how it works:

Someone asks a question. Anyone with an answer writes up an answer for the question. Anyone that reads the questions can give the answer a thumbs up or down. The asker can either choose which answer is best and it gets featured at the top of the page, or the thumbs up eventually make something the best answer…Answers get you 2 points, questions take away 5 points, best answers give you 10 points and a thumbs up gets you 1 point.

It is rather addictive, thought I would share, if you join add me to your buddy list on my Profile