Excuses, Excuses

That’s right, I am doing one of those much abhorred blog posts about WHY I haven’t made any significant blog posts lately…and, well, really there are quite a few reasons for it…so here goes.

1: Busy—really freaking crazy wild busy…i got like…7 computers in the office right now that i need to have done last week…viruses most of em.

2: Work- I just started this new crazy shift..I won’t say WHY the shift exists…but it does, and I was the lucky one to get it this time around, the shift is Wed-Friday 7am-4Pm and then Sat-Sun 11PM-6AM. The nights are awesome, and really really long…so I have time to write some stuff down since..well..the phone only rings maybe 5 times on a bad night BUT the screwed up sleep schedule has my mind fried..and I’m only a week in.

3: Sick today, my tummy has been in bad shape all day, and I went ahead and called in sick in preparation for the same tomorrow.

4: Can’t think of anything to blog about.. so you know, suggestions again would be great.

5: Responsibility. I recently took an unpaid moderation position with Entrecard.com…it doesn’t require much time but usually when I am at home i spend a couple hours a night running through a backlog of tickets, deleting or approving accounts, and moderating the forums…It will get to be less hectic once I get through all these old issues. It’s all about making Entrecard and therefore the Internet a better place.

so yea, i am sure there is more but my mind is still pretty fried. Send me some more things to blog about!

  • Mike


    I got tired just reading your post. Whew… Maybe you should just take a day or two off and get some rest, for real. You’re making the rest of us who spend inordinate amounts of time surfing the net look bad – like you have a real job (unlike me). Hang in there man, I’ll be thinking about you when I’m sleeping in tomorrow if you’ll think about me when you get paid and can actually pay all your bills on time (that hurts, for real)… MM

  • thanks mike, I won’t say it couldn’t be worse…i am glad to be so busy, it has certainly helped my family out a lot recently and kept us from drowning in the bills we have…so, I am grateful for what I have and I really hope that you can shortly find something to put you in a much better situation mike…i truly do

  • Friar_Zero

    Blogging about Not-Blogging is becoming my main topic so I understand how you feel. Take all the time you need, I’m of the mind that quality is better than quantity.

  • I would like to hear your opinion on something –
    In other words, I have a suggestion for a blog post.
    Anyway it deals with my adorable 17 year old niece.
    She recently came-out to my husband and I (in reality, we already knew.)
    She is ambitious, beautiful, hard-working, and smart.
    A wonderful human being!
    Now my problem is this …
    Why does my church say she isn’t going to heaven?
    This is really freaking me out.
    She has an absolutely outstanding relationship with God –
    Yet they say she’s going to hell?
    Explain this to me, please!
    I just don’t get this …

  • Mike


    Run away from that place as fast as you can! Seriously, they don’t have the authority or the power to ‘decide’ who goes to heaven or hell and who doesn’t. Their egos have gone to their heads if they think they do.

    If you have noticed and have come to the conclusion that she loves the Lord, that speaks volumes all by itself. I mean it seems like the fruit of the relationship is evident to others like yourself – so, what makes them think she is going to hell? What evidence are they drawing the conclusion from? It sounds really suspect to me.

    Matt, thanks for the encouragement dude, you don’t know how much it blesses me when I read stuff like that. MM

  • Bah! I gave you a suggestion, and you wriggled past it by calling me a “smartass”. You can always use this opportunity to address it, seeing as you are still looking for suggestions? LOL

  • While reading your excuses, I recognized the situation of the most people of today. The current life leaves no time to many to be with themselves – robs people of their right to breath freely for the words could come out worthy memorizing (for our thoughts could spread the love and gratitude for being alive). However, you succeeded to overcome the threatening fruits of the modern life – you recognized them, and that’s the most significant at a moment. You not only recognized but confessed them loudly. The last inspires me (your readers) and I thank you for your encouraging example.

  • For every thing, there is a time. And we owe no one an excuse for our needs. So blog when you feelt to…Happy Blogging

  • How about dealing with uncontrolable variables form an atheist perspective? Seems to me that anything which can’t directly be controlled becomes the ‘domain/will of god’

    Or you could write something about how to create a religeon in a fictional or hypothetical setting. Most fiction novels I read have gods somewhere.

    • Matt

      @ Ferox: hmm… i will have to figure out a way to approach that, but i have wanted to do the subject before.

      @ Guy—cmon, are you denying that you are a smartass? 😉

  • @Ferox…

    You said: “Seems to me that anything which can’t directly be controlled becomes the ‘domain/will of god’”

    Then where does “Freewill” fit in that presupposition?

  • Bummer about being sick – I hope you feel better soon. And I think that’s very interesting about working for Entrecard! And oops, now that I think about it, I haven’t updated my photo-blog that’s linked to Entrecard in a few weeks. I should probably get on that before you report me eh? 😉

    Possible topics: You can do something along the lines of very first religous experiences and how that tends to shape a persons beliefs for life. Or if you disagree with that statement something along the lines of what factors do help to mold a persons religous views? I’m thining of influences such as: other children, media (movies, music, tv, news), parents, first church experience. And how can one completely change their belief after they’ve already had a solid opinion formed, how often does that happen?

  • @Mike –
    We have already left that church.
    Craig and I just couldn’t deal with what they were saying, because it was just SO WRONG.
    Thanks for the feedback …
    I appreciate it!

  • @Matt…

    Oh no! I am in no way denying that!

    But I do deny the validity of my being a “smartass” as a reasonable “blowoff” to answering a question. 😉

    What Mr. Ox could have replied was….

    “No, smartass.”

    Now that would have been worded correctly! LOL

  • @Matt & Heresy
    Don’t know if either of you saw it but, a week ago, I commented on Matt’s Inspire Me post, and addressed Heresy Today’s question (idea “Human emotions, and how they hinder Free Thinking” and emotions glaringly have no scientific evidence like religion or God) with the following: The human body has a distinct/scientific biochemistry and modus operandi for each emotion. Scientists have defined specific biochemical make ups in people that show they are angry, anxious, or sad etc…as well as those who are happy and loving etc….

    Here is an article http://tinyurl.com/chpk8z entitled Renewal — Emotional Biochemistry that explains it.

    That emotions can be scientifically proven is very significant to Hersey’s idea that emotions hinder “Free Thinking” because it seems to me, religions do a lot of making people feel good, have positive emotions, about what is being preached so that their members will believe. The debate would be on how much and/or whether or not religion brainwashes, or uses their members emotions, to hinder their “Free Thinking”.

  • @FF…


    Emotions are “Subjective”, what is love to one, is lust to another. What is anger to one, is sadness to another, and who says all humans define the emotions the same?

    Snowflake effect.

    For the “testable model” to prove the theory, the results must remain the same, now matter how many times you perform the test.

    Change the volunteers, the results skew. The model fails.

  • @Heresy

    Did you read the Renewal — Emotional Biochemistry article? It begins with this question: “Like it or not, emotions share some very real biochemical links with your nervous, endocrine, immune and digestive systems. Isn’t it time you learned something about how your body responds to what you feel — and vice versa?”

    You are right emotions are subjective but you are overlooking the fact that each subject(person) has a physical body that produces specific biochemicals defined by science (“testable model”) to correspond with their emotions.

    But the biochemistry of emotions is not really an issue for a debate on whether or not religion uses the powerful influence of emotions, to hinder their member’s “Free Thinking”. The issue of debate is: How much is religion using human emotions to sway it’s members thinking or belief in doctrine? Or what emotions does religion use and do those emotions and the way religion uses them hinder the natural free thinking of its members?

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  • @FF….

    Well… If Señior Oxley would post on it, we could debate it! He would get better exposure if this subject was in a post with a title that matched! LOL

    Besides, I can’t get motivated to debate this with the title Excuses, Excuses…

    He needs to express his own opinion, come up with a catchy hook, then we can yammer! HAHAHA

  • At least your not alone in the Entrecard moderator thing 🙂 I am one as well 😀 my first time coming to this blog and i like what I see!!

  • Eric Soto

    you still havent gone in depth about your exorcisim experiences

    and im going to keep hounding you til i hear about them