Excuses, Excuses

That’s right, I am doing one of those much abhorred blog posts about WHY I haven’t made any significant blog posts lately…and, well, really there are quite a few reasons for it…so here goes.

1: Busy—really freaking crazy wild busy…i got like…7 computers in the office right now that i need to have done last week…viruses most of em.

2: Work- I just started this new crazy shift..I won’t say WHY the shift exists…but it does, and I was the lucky one to get it this time around, the shift is Wed-Friday 7am-4Pm and then Sat-Sun 11PM-6AM. The nights are awesome, and really really long…so I have time to write some stuff down since..well..the phone only rings maybe 5 times on a bad night BUT the screwed up sleep schedule has my mind fried..and I’m only a week in.

3: Sick today, my tummy has been in bad shape all day, and I went ahead and called in sick in preparation for the same tomorrow.

4: Can’t think of anything to blog about.. so you know, suggestions again would be great.

5: Responsibility. I recently took an unpaid moderation position with Entrecard.com…it doesn’t require much time but usually when I am at home i spend a couple hours a night running through a backlog of tickets, deleting or approving accounts, and moderating the forums…It will get to be less hectic once I get through all these old issues. It’s all about making Entrecard and therefore the Internet a better place.

so yea, i am sure there is more but my mind is still pretty fried. Send me some more things to blog about!