Debate & Discussion: Heresy

Crazy Eye Crowley

My ole budy Guy Vestal over at has decided to start an old fashioned mailing list for Religious discussion. I am going to be helping him moderate it and we want people from every religious background to join up…so please…do so…it should be lot’s of fun!

To join just go HERE and fill out the info. We are looking for anyone from any background…Wiccans, Christians, Zebras, Atheists, Theosophists, Raelians, etc etc etc…

  • All 4 of our moderators are on board now, so it will indeed be a hoot! I can promise hilarity at a minimum…

  • We have some members now, and of course I opened with an IQ & Wisdom check, but even my “partner” here failed to answer????

    Where are all the “Atheists”? I open a big huge door for them to come in and debunk “sheep” of all flavors, and they shirk? Tsk, tsk… I guess their “Lack of Faith in Faith” only extends to “Anonymous comments”? LOL

    And as for that “Freethinking Carders”? Ya want me to take that up 4 ya? Or maybe I don’t count as a “Freethinker”? So tell us Matt, do you think I still have a chance at MAYBE being a “Freethinker”? I can at least qualify as a “Freewill Carder” for now huh?… LOL