Gay Marriage: A Cause for All!

GayMarriageflagThe Iowa Supreme Court recently struck down a ban on same sex or gay marriage. I personally could not be happier for the homosexual constituents of Iowa and am glad to see that many are now getting married to their loved ones. Some, however, cannot leave well enough alone… There were already people lined up ready to protest this decision just hours after it was made. Some Christians are currently in outrage, and I really want to know why…What will it harm the “family” to expand it’s definition to same sex couples? Will it in any way affect the way you guide and lead your own family?

I may have been really liberal as a Christian (I wasn’t on any other issue), but this is one of those issues I just couldn’t

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Today: An Inauguration

obama-hopeAt Noon today something will occur that I never thought I might see in my lifetime. A dream deferred will become a present reality. We may not be at the mountaintop, but finally now it will be something we can actually see.

Where I grew up, in Middle Georgia, nigger is a word I hear every single day of my life. It is a word that makes me cringe to hear or type. For some reason  white people in the south do not realize the pain and exclusion that such a word can hold for a group of people. Today I feel like finally, even though it won’t silence those people,  those people are a minority in this world and the kind of ignorance and hatred they represent is dying out with them. Maybe it’s the fact that I grew up here that suprises me so much about Barack Obama winning the Presidency, living here makes it seem like having an equality mindset is a rarity, but I never thought I would actually see this…it gives me great hope that there are more people like myself and my wife whom hate all the racism and ignorance that we have grown acustomed to in the society we have had to grow up in. Both my wife and I have always been ones to stand up against this inane attitude, but more often than not it is like talking to a brick wall about how we are all essentially the same inside…this is our chance to feel like we are no longer the underdogs in a fight like this…like maybe the things we have always believed in us are simply being proven now to the rest of society.

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If American’s Knew-The Israeli/Palestine conflict

It should be said that I’m not one of those folks that thinks that Hamas – the military of Palestine,  is some angelic group trying to save the poor citizens of Gaza, but I don’t for one second think that they would, without provocation, fire rockets during a truce.  That just seems inane to me, and it is. So don’t take this post as any sort of Hamas apologetic, rather it should be seen as a defense  for the people, the Palestinian citizens as well as those Israeli’s that recognize that the current approach is a bad deal. What you believe about the Palestine and Israel conflict is, most likely, a series of lies perpetuated by a Zionist leaning US Government.

The history behind this conflict is a long one and if you don’t know you should really take the time to educate yourself on it, not that I am some expert because there are so many details on this thing I don’t think I ever could be but having at least a working knowledge of the Arab/Israeli conflict is an important part of being an earth citizen due to the impact it has had on humanity for such a long time.

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