Gay Marriage: A Cause for All!

GayMarriageflagThe Iowa Supreme Court recently struck down a ban on same sex or gay marriage. I personally could not be happier for the homosexual constituents of Iowa and am glad to see that many are now getting married to their loved ones. Some, however, cannot leave well enough alone… There were already people lined up ready to protest this decision just hours after it was made. Some Christians are currently in outrage, and I really want to know why…What will it harm the “family” to expand it’s definition to same sex couples? Will it in any way affect the way you guide and lead your own family?

I may have been really liberal as a Christian (I wasn’t on any other issue), but this is one of those issues I just couldn’t

The Gay Mafia?
The Gay Mafia?

see eye to eye on with the established Right…I just never saw this Gay Mafia that I keep hearing about, I never thought that they were trying to do anything more than fight for their own rights. Of course I may have kept it in mind to “Love the sinner but hate the sin” or something like that, but I just couldn’t imagine myself trying to impede on the rights of others. Maybe I just had way too many gay (before and currently, both out and closeted) friends to think about it in such a black and white way.

I, and many of my Atheist counterparts (and homosexuals too) would gladly take up arms and die to ensure that religious people had the rights to practice their religion freely so long as they don’t attempt to subvert our own freedom in that practice. That goes for the freedom to be and live as a homosexual however one pleases…that doesn’t seem too hard for me, or very bizarre at that. Why can’t Christendom, or Islam, …or well…anyone that enjoys the freedom of religion and the ability to marry the person you love stand up and fight for the rights of  homosexuals rather than to fight against?

I know I am kind of mixing two different issues here but I am doing that to make a point- We all have causes that we are passionate about, one party wants freedom for itself, but too often it wants freedom for no other.  Freedom should be for all or it isn’t freedom; it isn’t about right wing or left wing, theism or non-theism, gay or straight…it should quite simply be about freedom. If we all work together to fight for the freedom of one another we can move on to greater issues in a peaceful way.

So, Christians or anyone else that applies —answer these questions for me:

What does it harm you if gay people can get married?

If they can adopt children?

Will it harm your family unit to live down the street from a same sex couple? or even to befriend them?

You don’t have to agree with everything a person does in order to love them or treat them with respect, I don’t have to care about your angry god or his weird message of salvation to be able to believe and fight for your right to follow him. Many of the founding fathers of this nation were Atheist , Deist, or Agnostic – yet they were adamant about having religious freedom written into the Constitution because they had seen the destruction and persecution that would come about if the Church and the State were too close together- That is what we should all be fighting to prevent, and I think we should all just do that together.  Make Gay Rights an issue for everyone as a show of solidarity…Make a statement that you value Freedom and want others to experience it the way you do.

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