rebuttals pt 1

I have about 6 rebuttals i need to prepare and post to my last few entries…be patient with me, lately at work we have had alot of people calling in… continued in next journal

re: Extimony

My extimony post (two posts back), if you don’t know, is not meant as an argument… this is just an explanation of a part of the emotional process that i have gone through, throughout this journal in the future the different fallacies of god belief and religion will be handled…the Extimony is just like a…



So like I said, I really want to write all this down, its just that my emotions are…crazy right now…it happens to me about every 6 months or so I just have a few days or a few weeks where I feel like I cant function and I don’t enjoy anything…I am sure it will…


i really want to write it down

I really want to write all this down….i find myself in a rather emotional state today, like some sort of goddamned emo…an emo… i really wanna write all this  down…cuz everything happend really fast and i dont know how to explain much of it…i can defend it of course, my newfound lack of faith…but i…