I have a new hero

If you live under a rock and still dont know about how Muntadar al-Zaidi, an Iraqi Journalist threw both of his shoes at George W. Bush during his suprise visit to Iraq this weekend. Muntadar is my new hero, I want to buy that guy a huge beer.

The deal is, the Iraqi journalist have never had the opportunity to grill this Criminal President Bush…and Zaidi was a victim of the war because not long ago he was kidnapped by Shia Militiamen. He is pissed as well he and the rest of the Iraqi’s should be (and grossly ARE despite what the media lets you understand). Zaidi is in jail now because he protested against President Bush by throwing his shoes at him…and I say, release him.

For those that are not aware of some of the nuances of Islamic culture, simply sitting in a position where the bottom of your shoes face any person is considered a fairly massive insult, it more or less means that a person is dirt or dirtier than the ground you walk on…which is why throwing shoes is such a significant protest against Bush. If you will recall, when the huge statue of Hussein came down “Iraqi’s” were slapping it in the face with their shoes as a sign of protest and elation.

I couldn’t find the quotes as to what Zaidi said as he threw the shoes at Bush, but I remember from NPR hearing what he said, it was something to the affect of “This is for the Iraqi people you have ruined you dog, this is for the widows, this is your farewell kiss you dog!”. If anyone can find the exact quotes, comment below,  I would love to see them.