Debate Request

I really have a hankering for a serious debate…seriously…someone..please…contact me with information and we will do a debate…somewhat formal, you choose the topic…Ray Comfort wouldn’t do it—someone please.. Religious debates only folks—i need something to blog about… Unless some of you have really good reccomendations for topics—if so…please let me know


hello folks—im gonna have a small contest here…the reward is 1 free 1 month long advertisement on my blog in the sidebar—125×125 right below my entrecard…PLUS—1000 EC credits if you are a member. how to win: I need banners…ad banners to promote this website with…125×125/234×60/468×60/128×90 and 160×600

November Top Droppers

It’s that time again folks, Entrecard Top Droppers for the Month of November are listed below. Once again, thanks for dropping AND reading my posts…sorry they have been so scarce lately. I’m working on a post in a few minutes to put up after this one though. Computer Aid Room 237: Origins The Matthias Chronicles…