Still Sick (and a great home remedy)

tesSo last night when I went to bed I felt pretty decent, I wasn’t drunk off of cough syrup anymore so that was definately a plus! When I woke up this morning though, my tonsils were swollen and on fire, I went ahead and took a shower and started getting dressed before i realized that it just wasn’t happening today. So I had to stay home sick today. Monica woke me up with her own invented recipe this morning though to help me stop coughing, it worked so well I thought I should share it.

Here’s what you need:

1 bag of tea—whatever kind you like, but you might want to go with a low caffeine type…and not sweet tea, just regular HOT tea. I used Lipton White Mango and Peach tea

1 peice of peppermint or Halls Coughdrop—menthol is best–add more for extra strength

1-2oz. of some sort of liquour, whiskey, bourbon, scotch–anything like that, we used Crown Royal–anywhere from a half a shot glass to a full shot. (Higher proof is better)

2 Tbsp Honey

1 Lemon slice, if you want it

Start off with making your tea, don’t boil too much water because while you are boiling the water you want to go ahead and start dissolving the coughdrop/peppermint in it, you dont want to waste it. After the tea is in the mug and steeping go ahead and add your alchoholic substance of choice (most of the alchohol will evaporate, but don’t skip this because it helps the steam move into your sinus cavities and dry them out some, seriously, you can feel it working), add the honey to that and mix it in really nice, drink while it is still steaming. It doesn’t taste bad, and I seriously went from rediculously painful coughing to no coughing at all for a good 2-4 hours. Best cough syrup I have ever used.

Try it and let me know how well it works

And tommorow I will be going to work even though I still don’t feel great.