Logo Design Needed

As you all can see RagingRev.com has gone through a bit of a face lift…and now that I have most of the kinks out of it I need to get the logo design straightened out in the header…it is a little blank up there and guess what? I still don’t do any sort of photoshop work…that’s right, I’m lame.

So…if anyone wants to volunteer their services, OR tell me how much you want for your time and the rights to whatever image you create please leave a comment or email me with that information and I will get back to you, please also include an example of some of your previous work if you can.  I am willing to put some cash up for it if it is really good and/or EC credits or advertisement space.

Details below


Need image 341×131 exactly. Background color should match perfectly with the background at the top of the header here, and it will go in the top right corner.


Be creative but go with the theme we have here


Simply RagingRev.com is fine but I may contact you later to add a slogan to it.


Something unique should go under or around the website name, a nice way to accentuate this place a little bit but nothing too gaudy or extravagant….

More details can be hashed out later on if you are interested.

Also,  does anyone know how to remove the little white border lines from around my social networking buttons over there on the side? (points)