Double Standards

I’ve always been a relative extremist, somewhere in my genetic code is the overwhelming desire to be right and to make my correctness known to mankind. This explains the evangelical nature of my Christian faith, as well as the nature of my atheistic stance. Ever so slowly I have recognized the folly of extremism and…


I just wanted to let everyone know that I am now the new Atheism Examiner for Atlanta Georgia on Examiner.com.  Right now I am just using some of the most successful posts from this blog as my material, but soon I will be submitting new material to both this site and my examiner site. So….


False Piety and Prayer

“I’ll pray for you!” We atheists hear that a lot. Whether it be in public or on the Internet, Christians often feel an overwhelming desire to declare there intention to pray for someone at any given opportunity. More often than not I believe that this is simply a display of piety and an attempt at…