i really want to write it down

I really want to write all this down….i find myself in a rather emotional state today, like some sort of goddamned emo…an emo…

i really wanna write all this  down…cuz everything happend really fast and i dont know how to explain much of it…i can defend it of course, my newfound lack of faith…but i can defend anything i hold dear…yet…for some reason, i dont doubt that i am correct this time…there were always doubts with god…

I really wanna write all this down, and do so intelligently, unlike the last one, which looked like a kid with ADD got a hold to it…but this isnt the time is it

and i really want to know why in the hell i cant turn syncronized swimming off….

  • monolithtma

    I know that feeling of wanting to write about something, but not being sure of how to do it. Sometimes I just chill to some music and think about it and then it comes to me. A beer or a glass of wine can help too, just to take the edge off.

  • that is quite a good advise monolithtma (