Bond servant with Christ–Why?

Consistently throughout the New Testament of the Bible the writers of various epistles greet the churches with an announcement of being “Bond Servants with Christ.”(See James 1:1 II Peter 1:1, etc) Rather recently a facebook friend asked me; in reply to my status message stating, Matt Oxley is glad to live for himself…rather than trying to please g-d.” if I saw pleasing god as a set of do’s and dont’s…to which i replied with a reference to pleasing the god of the Bible as simply being a Bondservant with Christ.

His answer kind of…bothers me…..he said, “Bondservant of God..exactly what it is. What’s your point?

Well…I’m gonna answer that here…rather than expound on my status conversation…to explain just what my point is…

Let us start off by defining Bond-servant:

1. a person who serves in bondage; slave.
2. a person bound to service without wages.

Now neither of those definitions are incredibly desirous for anyone…I just don’t see anyone in reality going up to some stranger and saying “make me your slave.” Since I once was a christian, and I once did very strongly desire to be a Bond-servant..I have to look at things a little differently than a normal christian can or even differently than a typical atheist can…

To avoid the redundant “there is no proof of god or christ” argument… im just gonna simply say, no i don’t want to be a slave so something that doesn’t exist…but my real answer to this predicament is much deeper…and much more disturbing. Although the fact that we don’t know that a god exists and therefore should assume he does not…or in the very least assume he doesn’t give a crap if we believe in him is extremely valid…

My answer is this:

What alternatives does God give us? What happens to me if i choose NOT to believe or be his servant eternally?

You see, being Gods servant is not an option here…it’s something you MUST do…and therefore no emotionalized rebadging or redefining of the term bond-servant will do…If you reject the chains that God and Christ offer you…to be his servant…you go to hell…eternally…that is the problem…thats why i refuse to be his slave…i wont worship a god like that…i wouldn’t dare…i wasted too much time on that unjust, jealous, maniacle god than he deserved…that god is DEAD to me…yet this is the SAME god that called himself Love…even the very definition of Love…it is essentially gods love that renders him no more than a liar and a theif…and he wants to scare you into being his slave…

Don’t fall for it—if you have…reject it!

  • This is one of the rare times I’m going to evoke the time honored tactic of saying “out of context.”

    If we look back to Aristotle, we find that the relationship between a master and slave was a mutually beneficial relationship, whereby the master took care of the slave because he was not capable of taking care of himself.

    Now, I concede you are most likely more versed in these matters than I; but it seems conceivable that our modern understanding of this term could be the problem at hand here.

  • Kat

    I think many of us are afraid of what we can’t see or touch. We can’t see or touch the very air we breath but we know it’s there. A promise a friend makes, but at times we choose to trust them and accept a friends word.

    Just because you can’t see something, doesn’t mean it’s not there. I was just thinking about how complicated this world is, our bodies, everything and am always in awe at God’s creations.

    Not judging or trying to sell you a story… but that’s where faith steps in. A lot of what the bible speaks of has already happened. I have complete faith that God will complete the rest of His promises. Satan would have you believe this since he is trying to build His army. Again, not judging you. Please don’t take it that way. If you gave God a chance you might see He loves you and has a plan for you. I enjoy reading all sorts of blogs. This was the first article of yours I read. I’ll be reading somemore.

  • Firstly, in response to Ron:

    Definitions across the greek are essentially the same as they are in english here for the word ~Duolos~ (slave/servant) so definitions definitely aren’t the problem…also, my contention with the status of being gods bondservant is more related to the alternatives provided in the Bible to those that choose not to assume that role…aka eternal Damnation and or separation from God.

  • Now, in response to Kat:

    first of all, thank you for reading…also thank you for trying not to be judgmental..i know exactly how hard that task is and applaud you for, in the very least, attempting to not be that way…it is, however, in our nature to do so.

    Now, the fact of the matter is, I can indeed feel the air-I feel it in my nose when i breath in, filling my lungs, resisting my car when i drive through it, providing lift for jumbo jets–G-d isn’t doing that…the air is doing it, along with some help from the laws of science. I am sure you didn’t mean to say that you couldn’t feel the air so i will render that a moot point.

    As far as a promise…what promise are you referring to? the promise of the Cross? What a wicked way to make a promise to a broken and afraid people—require that they believe something simply unbelievable to the outsider–that is a cruelty I can no longer fathom of a loving god.

    This world is most definitely complex…infinitely so due to the ever evolving requirements of it. But the complexity and difficulty behind explaining just how all this got here doesn’t prove god exists to me…all it proves is that nature is a marvelous thing to watch…and it amazes me to see.

    You may not have gotten this far into my blog yet, but i hope you explore it, go back a few years and see my older entries that i created as a christian…I have been full of faith before, faith well beyond what is reasonable…i have felt god and listen to him speak , i have been the bond-servant–after looking all that again, all those years of servitude, of experiencing phenomena that most christians never encounter, i can say that most of those experiences were simply there as part of my emotional frailty and need for a god and a savior…i can now see past it for what it is…an emotional response to an emotional appeal…

    I hope you continue to read and comment…

  • …I saw your recommendation on Entrecard.

    Prepare to die.

  • I remember the first day you met me. Your first words to me were “make me your slave.”

  • Now on a more serious note: According to Christian traditions either way you are a “slave”. You’re either a “slave” to Christ, and in that you’re “saved” and truly free — I actually heard one pastor call it “freedom in bondage”. WOW @ THAT, btw.

    Or you’re a slave to the Devil and you’re chained to him without even knowing it. Chained by your sins.

    Have you ever heard that ideology before?

    Either way, according to what YOU said on this entry, you’re pretty much screwed, in the Christians point of view.

    So then why not choose which side will NOT bring suffering?

    I also agree with Ronald — it’s that type of thinking that is appeals to a lot of people of faith.

  • I always saw your comments on cettas LJ. And truthfully I used to think to myself “this guy is so smart, how the hell is he Christian?”. I didn’t realize until now you aren’t anymore.

    This post is awesome. Someone has to be a slave to believe in the God of the bible. Back when I was Christian even learning– and asking about heaven terrified me. I was told in heaven you can not feel sadness or miss the people who got left behind for not believing, because you would be so consumed with gods love you couldn’t feel anything bad. To me that sounded like a bunch of mindless zombies up there drooling over human flesh.

    But yeah, a lot of Christians focus on the whole “free choice” thing. God suposedly gave us the choice to believe in him to recieve heaven atc. WTF kind of “choice” is that? If someone walked up to me on the street and and said “you have two choices, you can have an orgasm right now or you can have your eyeball ripped out”. Would it really be a CHOICE?

  • Hi
    I am glad to see your post was not written with the same hate filled garbage most write with, however may I say two things to you?
    One – up until 4 years ago, I was not a believer. I had kids, a life ( albeit a very very messed up life) I was in school.
    I came to the end of myself, and seeing no one else whom I could turn to , God was my saving grace. He is a wonderful Father, he does NOT make you believe in him, he gives you a choice…. he begs you and I to choose life.
    When being a bond servant to Christ, we are simply saying we choose his walk, we want to be with the ONE person in the entire universe who gladly suffered the pain and death to save me. I want to be with him, to walk his walk, to please him. I only wish I was in anyway, a help to you. I know how hard it is to have someone come up to you and say “I used to be strung out on drugs, now I am strung out on the lord” ( recall that old song?) but it is truth, no matter that I still suffer hard times, and much confusion I still have him and he has without doubt been with me so much these last few months that I can almost feel him standing here now while I write.
    Either way you decide, know that I will be praying for you, and hope you have great success with this blog and all your endeavors.

    God Bless You

  • I actual lam going to disagree with you Matt. Look at Aristotle’s concept of slavery, whereby the slave mutually benefited. Aristotle believed that natural slaves could not take care of themselves, therefore they needed someone.

    I take it this is the situation implied in the Bible. I’ve never agreed with the concept of God being so nice as many others believe. Call me a Calvinist or whatever.

    Ultimately I think this is going to boil down to Pascal’s Wager, what is the consequence of not being God’s bondservant? If we’re wrong nothing happens! But Lenny, big man, if I’m right – you will have saved millions of lives of innocent voters. Ok, maybe that was a Ghostbusters quote but you get what I’m going at.

  • Ronald– If you’re wrong, then you were a slave for no reason at all. That’s harm done enough for me.

  • I guess it boils down to how much you value certain things then Cetta.

  • If there is no God, but you choose to live in false slavery in hopes that there is a God, is that not bothersome to you, Ronald?

    I hope your reply consists of something that Christian as a lifestyle is something you would aspire to even if there is no God. That would be a more correct answer, even though by good deeds alone do you not get to heaven.

  • I don’t really find it bothersome because I tend to want to live my life by the standards set forth in the Bible. Ask Matt, I’m about as odd as you can get actually.

    What you are viewing as a great burden, I view as merely how people should act from a normative standpoint.

    That is not to say your view isn’t right for you, it’s simply what you chose to believe – and ultimately that is all this can be. Some people chose to believe some things while others invest their intellect behind other concepts.

    The way I live my life would be altered if there was no God, but by and large it would remain the same. Unlike most, this was instilled through various Philosophers rather than the Church as I am not the Church-going all the time type.

    But going back to Pascal; do you really view the damage done by living in false servitude greater than ending up in hell? I mean it’s a plausible position to make, but I’m just trying to apply rational choice theory to what we are saying here so that I can grasp it better. (I tend to think in terms of theories from Economics and Political Science, it’s a bad curse.)

  • Hey Matt,
    I’ve read a few of your articles, and though I need more time to read the rest, I have a few thoughts so far.
    First of all I want to say that I was raised in an Seventh-Day Adventist Church, and they don’t hold the doctrines of the Heaven or Hell result. They also don’t hold the doctrines of the existence of the eternal soul.
    This church would pose the idea that we simply ‘are’ a soul, not that we have some soul, which they would say comes from an incorporation of Greek Dualistic thought. If you’ve not heard of these ideas before, perhaps you’d like to look into it. I’ve been to seminars, and I could probably explain them a bit if you’re interested.
    The second thing that comes to mind, particularly when I look at that website you gave as a link to a guy at the bottom of the second page there…
    There is a certain view on history that would offer an argument against these claims, and it starts off by explaining the story of the Christianization of Rome. There are a few posts on my blog which give such information, but I can sum it up I think..The Universal Church created a state sponsored religion, and intentionally threaded together the faiths of the many people within the empire, which happened to be all of the faiths in the known world at the time. They did so by using many different methods, and they actively altered the precepts of Christianity in order to cause it to resemble the many pagan religions. So for example they created an image of the virgin mary and Jesus, and compared it to the image of the Isis/Horus, and told people it was all the same. Now there is this website that shows the same statues, created after the fact, and says it’s all the same, but I’d say it is not. Threading together a multitude of religious thoughts is central to Globalization.
    So now after saying all of that, because I want you to know that there are pro-christian arguments against what you are proposing that do actually hold their ground, I will admit that there are some flaws and problems that I myself have with it all. There apparently did exist religions that pre-dated Christ that were extremely similar to Christianity, even without changing a single thing to thread things together as I was saying. That fact alone makes a person think..maybe there is more to all of this than meets the eye.
    Throughout the Bible, depending on how we read it, we can see how a leader of people spoke for God, claiming to be the only one who could commune with God and then relay what God allegedly said. That’s a might bit suspicious isn’t it?
    It all leads me to believe that there is some merit to the idea that the mind is a powerful thing, and that believing is seeing. It makes me think that men have known this for a very long time, and have made followers of those who were too shortsighted to become leaders themselves. It’s could be construed as evil perhaps..but maybe that’s the way the world just works. If you don’t rise above you get swept away. I don’t know if I blame them *bites fist* Can I say that and get away with it? 🙂
    Oh and I think it’s very funny how one person above talks about Satan, and what ‘Satan does’. Satan is never once mentioned in the Bible, and I think the word Lucifer only is used twice..the snake in the garden of Eden was actually a talking where does this image of an evil fallen figure come from really? How has the figure grown throughout history, and what purpose has it had? An interesting topic I think..
    Well that’s far too long of a post already. Man it’s good to be able to show the rational side of my thought process just once. I try to keep a certain…style to me blog you know..there is rhyme and there is reason. Believe that.

  • Ronald:

    Regarding Pascal's Wager, put in the context of this blog entry, suppose you make yourself a slave to your God. You're happy about this "freedom in bondage" thing, and die secure in the knowledge that you've been a good slave.

    Then you find out you were slave to the wrong God. You're condemned to eternal damnation because you followed a narrow interpretation of a text borrowing heavily from the religions around it, and so distorted that the true intent has been lost.

    The flaw in Pascal's Wager is that it assumes we know which of the many hundreds of gods and interpretations of those gods we're supposed to follow. Every religious text, living and dead, assumes that ITS god is paramount. How then do we know which one is the correct one?

    We don't, of course. This is where Pascal failed.