Black Friday post

Its Black Friday, and this is my post:

Yesterday was Thanksgiving…. I don’t get into the sappy family thing much but here are some things i am thankful for:

1: My wife–she is pretty cool most of the time

2: Freethought–it has brought me to the happiest point in my life thus far

3: A job–as much as i hate it at times, alot of folks are without them currently

4: This blog–i would be nuts without some sort of place to air my greivances (get the Festivus reference there?)

Since i feel the need to complain just a tad today, some things I am NOT thankful for:

1: Christmas–I hate christmas

2: The war on Christmas-Yea, im sick of it—just to annoy those of you that take up this cause every year because someone wants to say Happy Holidays and be all inclusive IM gonna call it Xmas—there it is, X mas…no jesus there haha!

3: Christmas Music—if you like it then you may be worse off than first thought

4: Christmas lights— gaudy and wasteful

5:Christmas Shopping—its just …i hate it. People, like my wife, right now, blackfriday shopping with money they dont have buying things they and I don’t need or on credit they cant afford.

Read more: This is a letter to the editor i wrote last year @ xmas time

Relavent Rhino has a good post about the war on christmas–check it out (!Language Warning!)

  • I am so with you on most of the Christmas thing! I actually rather like it myself, but only because I make it something special in my own apartment and don’t bother with all the shopping and the hype outside. I think I have the old, original attitude toward it — I love it for the lights, at the darkest period of the year. (My lights are all LED, by the way, heh.)

    I think, as someone with S.A.D., the lights really do help me brighten up as the darkness falls so much earlier in the day.

    But as to the “War on Christmas” — boy howdy. I’m an ex-fundamentalist myself, and I know that whole mentality.

    And this year I’ve really started emphasizing to Christians — “Do you REALLY think God likes your insistence that Jesus be linked to malls and shopping and money and greed and Mammon? Is that REALLY what Jesus is about? Is he REALLY a greeter at Wal-Mart??”

    Anyway, I’m really enjoying your blog, and I’m glad I found it.

  • Just writing to agree with you about Christmas music, the same things over and over again, every year! If you think you have it bad though, try being in Malaysia that celebrates both the Chinese New Year and the Muslim New Year in addition to Christmas. Both of these two festivals have like just one song each, and they keep playing the same song, sung by different people, sometimes using different lyrics, for weeks over and over again, in shopping malls, on tv, whenever you walk into someone’s home for a party, it’s enough to drive me up the walls.

  • @ Phyl: Thanks for dropping by, i hope you come and comment often—

    When i worked at the bank a few years ago, they went ALL OUT for christmas—lights and gaudy junk EVERYWHERE—and the same christmas cd—1 hours worth, on repeat…24/7…for about 2 months from november up until january—it was hell.

    @ Wang:

    that sounds aweful…at least there is a little variety there though—if you play anything other than christian music here–or dont say CHRISTMAS and say Xmas or Happy Holidays instead, people throw a shitfit.

  • wonder why Christians, of which i’m an extremely unique variety, don’t call Dec 25th Xmas because that is when their dear suffering Jesus disappears. You know, Jesus suffered incredible pain to pay for all saved Christians’ wrongdoing so that alcoholic DUI convicted Mel Gibson is assured of going to heaven while his unsaved wife isn’t.

    i agree the superficial gaudiness for financial greed of the season makes me sick but i also know many people, like me, are sincere about joyful giving and peace on earth.

  • Love this post. Thanks.

  • Christmas used to be kind of cool when my boys where young.
    But I’ve got to say it’s gotten rather loony anymore.
    For example – that Walmart incident.
    Trampling down a guy, to buy crap you don’t need, with money you probably don’t even have.
    Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me!
    I’m with Phyl on the whole religion thing.
    I really don’t think God is a capitalist?
    (Definitely more of a socialist!)
    I think Christmas can be pretty inspiring if kept real, real, simple!

  • I agree – all the commercialism around Christmas is just ridiculous. People getting trampled and killed just to save a few bucks? Gimme a break!

    However, on your point #2 – using X instead of Christ – I’m not really sure why people are getting all bent out of shape over that one. X is the same symbol as the Chi in Greek which just happens to be the first letter of Christ in Greek. So, really, you’re just putting the Christ right back into Christmas. so haha right back at you! (and to everyone reading this – no, I’m not trying to be a jerk – Matt, I hope you’ll appreciate my pathetic attempt at humor here)

  • Matt

    hey russ,

    i think the X pisses me off the most….my letter to the editor is proof that I am aware of Chi Ro (XP)…it annoys me the most because of how ignorant you have to be to think it is actually removing christ at all—i think its ok to get upset if someone attacks you…but at least make sure you are actually being attacked first, you know?

  • Can’t argue with that.

    BTW, is your letter to the editor available online? I’d be interested in reading it.

  • Matt

    yea, its in the post:

    Read more: This is a letter to the editor i wrote last year @ xmas time


  • Thanks – I’ll blame the fact that I missed it in the original post on my undiagnosed ADD.

  • Thanks – sorry I missed that it in the original post. I blame it on my undiagnosed ADD.

  • Wow, you don’t like Christmas huh? :-0 I actually love it. But I don’t see it as being a Christian holiday, not anymore. It definitely originated as a Pagan holiday and many of the traditions associated with it today have those pagan roots. There’s not a lot about Christmas that has a reason to exist within Christianity (why do we decorate a tree? why do we light a fire? why do we have mistletoe?) Jesus of Nazareth wasn’t even born in December.

    But at the same time I still like to use the same terminology. I like to say Merry Christmas and all that good stuff that gives me the warm fuzzy feelings of a happy childhood.